April 2013 Fitness Success Story

“I’m getting ready to turn 50 and I’m in better shape than I was when I was 40.”

Keith: I am from North Carolina originally, moved to Texas about 20 years ago and have been there ever since.

I tried to maintain my weight and tried to work out but I just needed that extra oomph. I’ve had trainers. I was at Lifetime Fitness for a while and that worked well but the schedule just wouldn’t work for me.

Then my wife and I wanted to get into a routine to run a marathon and that’s when we decided to call you guys. We didn’t end up running the marathon because everyone backed out on us. We decided to keep moving on and have gotten stronger ever since.

Hut: Tell me a little bit more about how it helped you having somebody come to your home?

Keith: I think the convenience was the biggest thing. It’s nice to be at your house and you’re not fighting to get home, pick up an eight-year-old daughter and then get to some facility to workout. The convenience factor was the most thing for us.

I actually went on several of the diets out there. You lose the weight but guess what…? I don’t eat very well in the mornings so I need a little help with my diet plan.

I used to run a lot so I try to get into that. I’ve been doing a lot of the cardio now, which seemed to make a big difference. I think the interval training has made such a huge difference of getting that heart rate up for almost an hour.

Hut: When you began working with us, were you skeptical about our program and coming to your house and working out with you?

Keith: I think anyone would be. I did realize at the time that it was going to take two people to make that work. If I wasn’t going to put the effort into it, then it wasn’t going to work. I realized you usually pay for what you get. Having that training to push me along but also be able to push myself.

I’ve had many trainers. Brandon’s not the first one. I will say that I like his approach. Just when you’re about to die, he just has a way to persuade me to go just a little bit more. I’ve really enjoyed him. The other trainers I had at Lifetime basically did not push me to that point. It’s almost like I felt like I couldn’t let him down, if that makes sense.

I’m getting ready to turn 50 and I’m in better shape than I was when I was 40. You start picking up these things as you go along. I feel better at work. I play a lot of golf. What I’ve seen is my mobility or turning in waist and core muscles have made a huge difference in my golf swing, which is important to me.

I think whether it’s doing more push-ups or whether it’s actually going up the stairs at work, you force yourself to think about what you do and what you eat.

Do you take the elevator or do you walk up four flights of stairs every morning? I think it’s a mental thing. If you can get to that point of saying, “This is what I want to do and I’m going to get it done,” then it works well.

Hut: So you feel like you’re in a better place now after doing the strength training and the cardio, et cetera?

Keith: I think I am. When you hear other people say that I am, that’s what I hear. It’s not just myself but it’s what other people say. They say, “You look different. You look better. What are you doing?”

Hut: How does that make you feel?

Keith: It makes it feel worthwhile. My daughter tries to talk to me when I’m working out. She says, “Daddy, why are you always mad?” “I’m not mad, sweetie. I’m working out hard.” It does make a big difference.

Hut: What would you say to someone who may be on the fence about getting help with their health and fitness from a professional?

Keith: First of all, they have to make their mind up that they want to do it. If they make their mind up that they want to do it, usually you’re going to need somebody to help you get there. It’s those days when you don’t feel like doing it that you really need to do it.

I think when you finish that afternoon it’s like, “I couldn’t have done it without someone pushing me.” I think every trainer learns what that person needs. Some people need a lot of pushing and some people just need a little persuasion.

Some people just need a little bit of advice and try to get that extra 10% out of you. I can’t get that by myself. I can tell you my trainer’s really helped me take it to another level.