See How Pam Got More Energy

Pam had been traveling a lot and wasn’t comfortable with the weight she had gained. She also didn’t have enough energy! Can you relate?

See what Pam did to fix the situation…

Watch Pam’s video interview:

“My name is Pam Kabat and I’m a human resource manager. I’m originally from central New York and I currently live in Dallas, Texas. Before New Wave Fitness, I was traveling quite frequently back and forth from New York to Dallas, which did not allow me to work out like I wanted to work out.

My body fat became up to 26%, and I wasn’t comfortable with that. I was tired all the time. I just didn’t have the energy that I used to have. New Wave Fitness has made it much easier for me to work out.

Once I hooked up with a trainer, they came right to my home. I was able to work out, they were flexible to my schedule. I actually get my workout in at 5:30 in the morning, I’m done by 6:30 and in the office by 8:00, so it’s really convenient.

Before New Wave Fitness, there was no way I could ever ride 100 miles on my bike. Once I got into the routine, I have the stamina now, I have the endurance, and we can knock out 100 miles very easily in one weekend.

I feel better about myself, I have more confidence, and overall it’s just a great feeling.

Anyone that’s really struggling with getting back into shape, what you need to do is get a coach, you need to learn to eat right, and you need to join New Wave Fitness.”