November 2011 Fitness Success Story

In April 2011, Michele started her program with New Wave Fitness.
What has happened through the end of October, just 7 months later?

Goals: Increase strength & fitness levels.
Results: Achieved! Lost 34 lbs & 3 sizes.
Bonuses: More stamina + stress tolerance!

Click below to watch Michele’s success-story interview, or scroll down to read the interview transcript!

My name is Michelle; I’m from Plano, Texas. I used to work out years ago, had gotten off the wagon, if you will, and had gained quite a bit of weight. I work primarily at a desk job. It is a high-level desk job that entails a lot of hours at different times of the year, and working out has never, in the past number of years, been a proper priority for me.

So I finally realized one day, I am not getting any smaller, I am not getting any younger, this is not a healthy lifestyle for a lot of different reasons—osteoporosis, heart health, on and on it goes—and somewhere you have to draw the line.

For me, the gym life didn’t work. I couldn’t find a good home—I could not find a gym I was comfortable with. I’m much more comfortable working out at home. The difference I’ve noticed with Hut’s program is that all of these things are monitored: the eating habits are monitored, the measurements are monitored.

If I start to plateau (which has only happened once), my trainer completely revamped my cardio. I’ve lost, according to my trainer, officially, 30 pounds, but I’m due up to be measured and I’ve been watching, so I’ve actually lost 34 pounds now. I don’t know about inches; I don’t pay any attention to that. She writes it down but I don’t really look at it. But I have lost at least 3 dress sizes.

New Wave Fitness:
Wow—that’s huge!

I’m having to get everything altered or replaced by the tailor, so that’s kind of fun.

We go to Colorado every year, which is quite a different altitude than Texas. This year, during the summer, the two weeks we were there, I had a lot more stamina. Hiking was not near as strenuous as it was the year before, and I hadn’t been in the program that long at that point. I’d been in probably two months when we first went, so I had already noticed quite a bit of difference just in two months.

New Wave Fitness:
That’s amazing.

I mentioned that I have a rather intense job, and I think I have a lot more tolerance, a lot more stress tolerance, a lot more ability to kind of take things in stride and relax, which actually was another goal of mine when I talked to Hut originally about joining the program.

The endorphins really help, and I remember that from the past, from working out, and it still holds true. The ability to just take a deep breath and take a step back and not react as fast is, I think, attributable to the working out.

It’s easy to say, “Oh, something came up and I can’t make my gym appointment.” I think if somebody is coming to your house, it makes it simpler. It makes it easy. From my understanding, you don’t have to have the equipment that I have. There’s lots of less expensive options that you can use in an in-home training program.

I think that it’s money well spent because there are a lot of side benefits. You can’t replace the health benefits. You can’t replace the lifestyle benefits, and it is a lifestyle change. It’s something that you need to be consistent with and continue with.

I’m very comfortable with the people that Hut has hired. I think they are well screened and well qualified. I understand that it’s a little bit uncomfortable for some people maybe to have somebody in their home, but I’ve not felt any of that. I’m very comfortable with my trainer. We are a very good fit. 

There are enough trainers in the program that if you didn’t happen to mesh with whoever your trainer was, you could just talk to Curt and have that rectified. I think there’s a lot of options, and I think it would be counterproductive to let that stand in the way of improving your lifestyle and your health.

 New Wave Fitness:
Great. Michele, thank you very much for doing this for us. You’ve been a great help. I applaud your accomplishments, and look forward to hearing a lot more results from you. Thank you very much, Michele.

Thank you.