December 2011 Fitness Success Story

From a size 12 to a size 6, from 12 to 30 push-ups, from no breakfast to…chocolate ‘to die for!’
See how our December Client of the Month, Cynthia Johnson from Frisco, Texas, made her move
to fabulousness:

I’m Cynthia Johnson from Frisco, Texas. I [used to do] a little cardio, not a lot—kind of stopped doing the cardio. Then we bought this equipment here and I didn’t know how to use it, so I wanted a trainer to come in and teach me how to use the equipment and do some weight training, because I had never done weight training before.

I never had a trainer before. I’ve got friends that have had trainers in the past and had great results from it and learned from them. So I was not skeptical at all—ready just to get it done. I’ve definitely learned how to use the weights to my advantage.

The day my trainer came in and said we’re going to do push-ups, I was like, “Yeah, right, sure!” Actually I was very surprised that I was able to do push-ups. We started with like 10, maybe 15. I don’t remember exactly how many we did in the beginning, but it was pretty tiring. I did 30 the other day when he tested me.

New Wave Fitness:
Wow—that’s a big difference.

Big difference. My biggest accomplishment is, I’ve gone from a size 12 in pants to a size 6, which is totally shocking because I’ve never been a size 6 before. With my trainer, if I get stuck at a plateau or whatever, I’ll go like two weeks and haven’t lost anything, and I get frustrated, but he tells me, “Okay, let’s try this, don’t do this; do this instead.” Having him help me with the nutrition and the weights and the cardio—he helps me with everything.

I never ate breakfast before. I was not a breakfast person—only coffee. Now I’m like, I want my protein shake in the morning. It’s like I crave that when I wake up in the morning. And I don’t like milk, never have liked milk, but I love the protein shake. The chocolate is to die for!

It’s so worth it. You feel better, you have more energy. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

New Wave Fitness:
Thank you very much for helping us out.

Thank you!

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