Chris Wants to be Athletic Again

by Hut Allred

Chris used to be athletic, but he let it get away from him and wanted it back!

I’d like to introduce my friend, Chris, from Southlake, Texas. You can watch his video interview above. Like many of us, Chris was very athletic as a kid—running track & long-distance and swimming long distance (which, by the way, takes a surprising measure of lung capacity!) 

Then when Chris went off to college and gained some freedom, he lost touch with his active lifestyle that had come so naturally —first, just by being young, and second, by his involvement in school athletics.

It’s easy to look back on those days with sadness. Do you miss your high school body? Do you look at old pictures and say, “I wish I had more self-confidence back then because, dang, I was hot!” Chris missed those days for sure.

Now, as a grown-up, he works in a sales environment and travels a lot. He takes clients to dinner, is more sedentary, and as he says,  “I let it get away from me, so I’m now trying to get back on track.”

So Chris went shopping one day at the Fitness HQ store in Southlake, and after contemplating what would work best for him and his family, decided on an elliptical and a recumbent bike. 

Enter my company, New Wave Fitness! We have a partnership with Fitness HQ and Busy Body stores, where we’ll visit someone in their home, show them how to operate their new fitness equipment, and how to get the best use out of it.

I went to Chris’s house and showed him the ropes on his new elliptical and recumbent bike. During the course of conversation, I learned that Chris was really wanting to get his youthful body back. (My expertise!)

I told him how we could help, and he said it was perfect timing. Chris said, “At that time, I was looking for somebody to come in and help me, so it worked out; it was a perfect time for them to come in.”

The best part is that Chris’s trainer visits him at his home. He doesn’t ever have to consider setting foot in a public gym. His workouts use everything he has available in his personal collection of fitness gear. 

It doesn’t take much…even if someone only has their body weight and no external equipment, we can still make it happen! Chris loves that he can work out in his own home where he feels the most comfortable.

We’ve also been working with Chris on his nutrition, in the comfort of his own home, which he says, “is very important for me to be able to be successful.”

Within about 2 months, he started to see a difference. Chris told us that he actually changed pants sizes twice within a 4-month period! He said, “It’s a great feeling to be able to wake up in the morning and know that I’ve got to go get another belt.”

Can you imagine that feeling? Needing to buy smaller clothes because your body is shrinking! Envisioning the size you used to be gets much easier. (You’ll be able to fit into more than just the earrings you wore in high school!)

Chris said, “If I think back from the beginning and how it’s changed me, I think it goes back to me just feeling better. I ultimately feel better in all facets of my life. I feel like I have more energy and I’m able to get up in the morning a lot easier.”

He mentioned that he doesn’t have problems sleeping anymore, which is huge! Sleep is so important to our overall health and well-being. That’s one of the reasons we had better bodies in high school—we all got better sleep! We need to make sleep a priority again.

You’ll notice in the main photo above that Chris also participated in the Dallas Turkey Trot! He’s back to running, just like in high school, and his muscles remembered! Muscle memory means your body has the ability to regain muscle that you had in the past. 

So since Chris was a runner in his youth, his body remembers, and he got back those muscles for running. Studies have shown that muscle memory may last anywhere from 15 years…to for-e-ver! 

Doesn’t that motivate you to test your muscle memory? What did you used to love to do? Swimming, running, skiing, roller skating, tennis, skateboarding…? Be careful when you first start out with an old-to-new activity, but trust your body that it will all fall into place.

Chris’s advice when it comes to getting your own in-home personal trainer is: “Just make the commitment. Give them an opportunity to present their product. They stand behind their product very well. The trainers are amazing. You’re going to find out the process is real.”

Do you want to be athletic again like Chris? Go here to map your strategy.