5 Healthy Gift Ideas

Here are some healthy gift ideas you can share with friends, family and loved ones:

  1. Active video games. Research shows that active video-game players burn twice as many calories as the couch-potato video game players. Some suggestions include games like DanceDance Revolution and the Nintendo Wii game, Wii Fit.
  2. Food scale. One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is keeping an ACCURATE account of calories eaten. To help with that, you can gift a food scale. Digital is better, as they’re easier to use and more accurate.
  3. Yoga classes. If you know someone who’s stressed out most of the time, this is the perfect gift. It will help the recipient improve flexibility and strength. Plus they’ll learn to use their breath to relax!
  4. Pedometer. Do you know someone who is trying to be more active? If so, then a pedometer could be the perfect healthy gift. It’s normally attached to a belt and counts each step a person takes. Whomever gets it could make a goal to take 5,000-10,000 steps a day in order to help lose that winter fat!
  5. Sunglasses. Ultraviolet radiation is something you are exposed to year round… even in Winter when the sun isn’t out as much. Sunglasses are important for protecting the eyes and preventing cataracts and even certain types of eye cancer.

(source: Saint Louis University Medical Center)