5 Healthy Gift Ideas

If you know someone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle, giving them gifts like a box of chocolates or cookie bouquets just isn’t practical…or very thoughtful.

It might be challenging to come up with a more fitting gift, so we’ve done the thinking for you. Here are a few healthy gift ideas:

Active Video Games

There are so many options! First, find out which game console your friend owns. Then choose a game where players must get on their feet! Nintendo’s Just Dance is a great example of a calorie-burning game.

Research has proven that active video-game players burn twice as many calories as the couch-potato video game players. Virtual bowling, tennis, track, or other sporting-type games are great for working up a sweat.

Shaker Bottle

Shake mixes are en vogue for just about any healthy eating plan. It’s so convenient to be able to measure out the powder, add liquid, and shake to mix it all in one container.

A good shaker bottle should have measurements on the side, an easy way to drink the shake (like a flip-top), and a blender ball for mixing the power and the liquid with minimal-to-no clumps! They come in many sizes and colors…some are even insulated.


If you know someone who is often stressed out and needs direction with their health and fitness, this is the perfect gift.

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Smart Watch

Do you know someone who is trying to get more steps in? If so, then a smart watch with an activity tracking system could be the perfect healthy gift. Whomever gets it could make a goal to take 10,000 steps a day!

Having the stats in front of them all day is an excellent reminder to keep them active and moving. Especially those with sit-down jobs need to be more aware of including physical activity in their daily routines.


Ultraviolet radiation is something you are exposed to year round… even in winter when the sun isn’t out as much.

Sunglasses are important for protecting the eyes, plus preventing cataracts and even certain types of eye cancer.

If the recipient needs prescription lenses, find out if you can purchase a gift card so they can pick out their own.

Remember to include a gift receipt just in case the recipient would like to exchange for a different color or style.

The gift of your time is also a very nice gesture to encourage someone in a positive direction. Don’t just drop off the video game or yoga passes…offer to stay and join in!