They Made It Work

We are very proud of this couple, who made it work by setting up a fitness room in their office, where their personal trainer visits them and has inspired them to lose over 100 pounds together!

We visited them at their office and asked them to tell us their story, and here is the official release of their new video!

Watch Mike & Marilyn’s video interview, and then read all about it below:

Mike: My name is Mike Williams. This is my wife Marilyn. We live out in Parker County, Texas and we own a company called Dallas Aviation, Incorporated. Before we started working out with New Wave Fitness, we were overweight with no energy at all. I didn’t like to go to sporting events—the seats were too small. Flying, I’d have to ask for an extension in the airplane and that was totally embarrassing.

Marilyn: I had gotten up to almost 200 pounds and the added weight and stress and everything. It’s not having to see him have to go through major surgery to lose the weight, to see that struggle.

Mike: I was scheduled to have gastric bypass and I thought, “No, I’m going to try this.” Hut came out and started talking to us about his program and we signed up. We just feel a lot better. We’ve lost a lot of weight, we have more energy, we’re eating right, and it’s a total lifestyle change. What’s really helped us the most is the way New Wave Fitness does come to us.

Marilyn: You can’t make any excuses. They’re here, they show up, they’ll come get you out of your office if you’re not back there. I go in a lot of times honestly stressed; I want to sit at my desk and do my work. I want to finish it just like I was today before workout. I went into my workout and I feel so much better. It’s great, and it helps me get through the day.

Mike: We work out an hour, three days a week, and it is great. We feel great afterwards, we have more energy coming back to work the second half of the day.

Marilyn: We have more fun.

Mike: I’m not sure that I would continue doing it if I had to go to the gym. I would definitely recommend New Wave Fitness. It’s not just working out; they get you on a food program, you start eating right, and you feel tons better, just absolutely a complete turnaround.