Todd is Coaching His Son’s Basketball Team


Todd: I’m Todd, from Dallas, Texas. I have two young kids. I was overweight, stamina was a problem. Chasing two kids around (two boys) was something that just became difficult so I found that I needed to get in shape, be more active, be more of an involved father, so I knew I needed to get some help to get in shape.

Ian: Before you began training with us, what did you do to lose weight or get in shape?

Todd: It was mostly cardio–just anything I could think of going back to high-school days of basketball and running, trying to play some sports, things of that nature. But just never was consistent; there was no program that I could follow.

It’s one of those things where the timing, the commitment, weight training, things like that, were not something that I was very used to, but I was definitely committed to doing it.

Photo: Todd (left) with his trainer, Ian.

I felt that I was about 30 pounds overweight. I’ve lost 20 pounds, gained muscle. Stamina is not an issue anymore. I’m helping coach my son’s basketball team. Overall just feeling a lot better, looking better. Now I have a program of things that I know I can do to continue to stay in shape.

It’s just night and day. A lot of the ideas of sitting on the couch, resting, all of those things that were commonplace for me… [now] we’re terribly active, we’re always out, we’re always doing things to stay in shape and try to make it a lot of fun.

Do it. I mean, that, to me, was the biggest change because I don’t know (or didn’t know) how to use certain machines, what muscle groups to work. All of those things are incredibly important and then from a program perspective, someone encouraging you–that’s, to me, what made the difference for me.