Take a Look Back

How often do we think about goals we’d like to reach and then quickly forget about them? We may even write them down, make a list of things we’d like to achieve by a certain date and time, but what happens to that list? Take a look back at the past year–can you think of anything you wanted to accomplish but didn’t?

The difference between simply making the list of goals and actually attaining those goals is one word: ACTION. If we never take action and move in the direction to get things done, our goals mean nothing.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions…”

“I meant to do that!”

“Here are my New Year’s resolutions.”

Famous last words, right? This time, take action to achieve your goals. That’s what Kyle & Wendy Faegre did last year. They made a commitment to improve their level of fitness and get in shape. Now, one year later, they can look back and say, “We did it!!” How are they doing now? Are they still staying on track? We checked in with them for an update:

Note: October 2012 is the last time we interviewed Kyle & Wendy. See their video interview here:

And see their original “Client of the Month” video interview here from June 2012:

New Wave Fitness: What improvements have you seen since October 2012? (weight/inches lost, increased fitness level, etc.)

Kyle & Wendy: We reached our initial weight loss goals.  Since October 2012 our focus has shifted to maintaining that level and really shaping and toning our bodies.  We’ve seen lots of muscle definition show up in places we never had it before.

Wendy’s back, shoulders, abs, and arms have really developed a lot of nice shape and tone.  Wendy’s legs have never looked better.  Kyle’s shoulders, arms, and upper chest now have defined muscle shape that they never had before.  Now seeing new leg muscle definition as well.

Our cardio, stamina is also greatly increased.  We can push through any of our training sessions, or other activity, without being totally worn out like we would have been early on.

NWF: What kinds of compliments have you received from family & friends?

Kyle & Wendy Faegre's Success Story
October 2012

Kyle & Wendy: We’ve both gotten a variety of compliments from friends, family, and strangers.  We were recently on vacation where Wendy was complimented by another female guest in the fitness center at the hotel (we were getting in our cardio!) on how good her body looked.  The woman almost died when Wendy told her she was 51!

Lots of folks continue to ask how we’ve been able to achieve what we have.  The answer is always the same – you have to commit to what it takes to truly make a difference because it isn’t free.  You just have to start and commit to it.

NWF: Have you ventured out of your comfort zone? (trips, activities, etc.)

Kyle & Wendy: Not sure we would say we’ve “ventured out of our comfort zone” but we have certainly been able to buy new clothes that we probably wouldn’t have worn well before as they wouldn’t have looked good.  We were both well prepared for swimsuit season this summer!  Wendy got lots of compliments rocking out her new bikinis on vacation.

NWF: What is your maintenance plan for exercise and nutrition?

July 2013

Kyle & Wendy: Once we reached our weight goals we’ve really adapted our daily lives to a couple of things in order to maintain and continue to improve.  First, we are certainly more aware of what we are doing nutrition-wise.  It’s is simply paying attention to what choices you make on a daily basis.

We don’t “deprive” ourselves of things we truly enjoy like cooking, gourmet food, wine.  Those things are still part of our lives.  We just minimize those things that were really just throwaway calories.  No more daily Venti Lattes!

Second, we’ve learned from our trainer the importance of protein and other aspects of nutrition to what our bodies/muscles need to stay in shape.  That post-workout protein drinks are just part of our routine.  We’ve also had success with using the Soy Energizing protein before bed to keep the engine running over night.

NWF: How do your accomplishments make you feel?

Kyle & Wendy: We both feel like we’ve begun turning back the clock!  We both have never felt stronger.  We look around and feel great about how we look and feel at our age.  We can now feel confident in looking forward to living longer, enjoying every minute of it.

“Thanks New Wave for getting us started and thanks David for making it happen every training session.  We’ve inserted a positive pattern into our lives that we won’t let go of, the results are too good to stop.”
– Kyle & Wendy Faegre