Staying Fit in His 60s

Barry (right) with his in-home personal trainer, Jared.

Barry: I’m Barry from Dallas.

Ian: What was your life like before you began training with New Wave Fitness?

Barry: I’m just trying to lose some weight and stay in condition as I get older. I’ve always worked out all my life. Then you have children and you get busy…I just kind of put it off through my 50s. I used to play racquetball and tennis. I just got fat.

Ian: Were you skeptical about whether or not we could help you?

Barry: I wasn’t skeptical about you; I was just skeptical about myself, whether I could do it or not.

Ian: What specific results have you achieved with New Wave Fitness?

Barry: I have improved my physical strength so my body is in better condition. I can see a physical difference. My legs are different, my chest is different, my arms are bigger.

Ian: So we’re seeing changes in body composition?

Barry: Yes, it’s changed a lot—that’s good.

Ian: What would you say to someone who is on the fence about making a decision to seek professional help from a health and fitness standpoint?

Barry: From a personal standpoint, they give you the regimen and discipline to do this. When you get older especially, you have to have somebody come and if they’re there at the door in the morning, that’s when you’ve got to work out. That’s what it was for me.

Ian: Sounds like accountability—having someone here, knocking on your door to make sure you’re getting up and doing this.

Barry: Yes, you can’t wait and say, “Oh, I’m going to miss today.” That’s what I do!