Personal Training in Irving: How My Personal Trainer Helped Me Be More Accountable

New Wave Fitness provides personal training in Irving, TX and surrounding cities. New Wave personal trainers are geared towards aiding their clients become healthy in all aspects of life. They focus on the whole you. Take Manisha’s example…

Manisha was an athlete in school (high school and college.) But after medical school and residency, life seemed to just take over. While she worked hard at trying to get back into shape and have a routine, it was far more difficult. She wasn’t overly happy with how she looked or felt. Then her son was born and she knew that she “had to set a good example as far as staying in shape and have a good lifestyle.”

Manisha had tried using a trainer before. It was in a gym environment and the trainer seemed more accountable to his cell phone than to Manisha. So she moved on to other efforts like P90X, but knew she needed someone standing by, helping her be accountable, truly pushing her to go a little longer, to dig a little deeper. So while she hesitated to go the personal trainer route again, she gave a New Wave Fitness personal trainer a chance. She hasn’t been disappointed.

How my personal trainer in Irving helped me out

In addition to the 10 pounds of lost fat and defined muscles, Manisha started seeing her energy increase. As a doctor, her schedule can be brutal, working days today and nights tomorrow. She credits the workouts she does with her personal trainer as the reason she went from drinking energy drinks to keep awake, to the exercise providing the energy to keep going.

As with all New Wave Fitness personal trainers, Manisha’s trainer helped her more than just work out a little longer, a little harder. He helped her focus on healthy eating, drinking enough water and using the right supplements. He helps keep Manisha accountable for her overall healthy lifestyle, which is just what she was looking for.

Manisha says, “The hour I have with my trainer is the best hour of my whole day. What’s changed is I feel better all the time. I sleep better. I’m in a better mood. It’s just completely changed my life—I have to say that.”

Why was this personal trainer different than the one she had before at that gym? First, the New Wave trainer comes to her home. The focus is on Manisha only for the entire time the trainer is there. Your trainer isn’t called away to help someone else for “just one quick second” or to answer some administrative question.

For Manisha, having an in-home personal trainer made all the difference.