Motivation After the Marine Corps

09 Sept 2015 Client Dennis

Our September 2015 client of the month, Dennis took advantage of the fitness center at work where New Wave Fitness provides on-site guidance in exercise and nutrition.


Dennis: I was extremely overweight. I spent 10 years in the Marine Corps, got out and started civilian life.

By 2010 I was about 270 pounds. I took a look in the mirror and felt I needed a change.

Ian: What did you do before you worked out with us? What did you do to try to lose weight?

Dennis: I’d periodically go to the gym—not all the time. I’d try to change my eating habits, but I was so used to what I was eating so I’d do well one day and eat what I normally did a couple days, two or three days after that.

Ian: So nutrition planning definitely helped quite a bit.

Dennis: Absolutely. With this program, I dropped from about 270 down to 205. Then it fluctuated between 205 and 220 trying to maintain without any assistance.

I’m less winded, less tired, more active. Being in the military and playing sports your whole life, bad knees, all that weight coming off has really helped my knees. I’m healthier.

[Getting help from a fitness professional], you get what you pay for, bottom line. We always feel like we could do it on our own but the assistance from y’all has just been phenomenal.

You hold me to the fire, push me. It’s my incentive. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to fail anybody so I think it helps with the whole incentive, knowing that you have somebody else pushing you.