Hut & Dan on 4 Components of Fat Loss

Get ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, even if you think you’re too old!

Dan & Hut discuss the four components needed to get rid of stubborn body fat (especially for anyone over 40!):


Hut: Today we’re going to talk about fat loss, specifically as we get older, you know, 40+, and how it becomes more of a challenge to do that. What are all the components that have to be in place for us to drop body fat as efficiently as possible?

Dan: Fat loss is an absolutely huge topic and it can be pretty confusing. Any time you go on Facebook, Instagram or if you Google “fat loss,” you’ll get 20 million results and 20 million different ways to do things, right? It can be a confusing world so I can definitely sympathize with the people looking into it and the confusion.

When it comes to individuals, it all comes down to individualizing your lifestyle. We’ll get there but when it comes to the main, big topics I’m going to say there are four main topics that people need to cover as it pertains to fat loss.

Number one is actually getting your hormones balanced out. When you have a hormone imbalance in the body, so specifically you’re getting over 40 or something like that, you could have imbalances within that aren’t inherently affecting metabolism directly but they’re affecting things like your energy and they’re affecting things like your sleep quality.

These play huge components towards fat loss and your ability to workout, your ability to stay moving during the day and sleep does have an effect on metabolism and your cravings as well. That’s something that especially needs to be looked at because a lot of people have it backwards. They feel like they need to lose weight in order to be healthy.

The reality is you need to be healthy in order to lose weight. We look at things from the inside out first so that you can do the things that you need to do efficiently to burn fat. I would say hormone being number. Number two is something like vitamin/mineral status. I get lab work done on who I work with to make sure that we’re not spinning our tires in the mud.

For example, zinc is a mineral I’m sure you’ve all heard of but it’s so tied to thyroid health that within the research it was demonstrated that repleting a zinc deficient person actually increased their metabolism 520 calories per day, which is absolutely massive.

Hut: Wow! That’s huge.

Dan: Yes! People can walk around and be like, “Man, I don’t know why I have such a slow metabolism. I feel like I’m eating clean. I feel like I’m training with my trainer three or four times a week and just nothing is absolutely happening,” but nobody knows if you have a zinc deficiency or not.

Hut: Completely.

Dan: Unless you have lab work or unless you know what to look for, then that can be something where, like I said earlier, you’re spinning your tires in the mud. Number three, what we need to focus on is really your immune system status. So the stronger your immune system, the more often you’re going to be able to move around and do the things you need to do.

The people who are always getting colds, always getting sick, they’re always tired. Those sicknesses drain your energy so you just natural expend less energy per day and you naturally can’t play sports, which help you stay active. You naturally just can’t work out and help you stay active.

Hut: You’re just not moving. You’re not consistent.

Dan: Yes, exactly. So the more sick you are… It’s like if you get sick one week out of every month, which is very common, well, 25% of the year you’re not doing anything. So that’s a huge problem already.

Hut: Huge.

Dan: A lot of people overlook that aspect. So immune health is huge and immune system health is actually your immune system that’s helping you recover from exercise. So when it comes to your exercise, it’s your immune system’s job to help heal your muscles and get you back in it so it plays a pivotal role in your ability to get results.

You can only get results based on what you’ve had recover from. Lastly, the fourth category is what you’re eating. There’s no getting around that. The laws of physics—you need to eat the correct things in order to drop body fat. I would also use this as a “take heed.” Anybody who says that you can eat anything you want and still lose weight, it’s absolute nonsense. These things do need to be in place for you to get results.

Hut: Really, overall, to lose fat, number one, it starts with getting healthy.

Dan: Yes, sir.

Hut: Getting your hormones right, getting your micronutrient panels right, getting your immune system right.

Dan: Yes.

Hut: And then, with all that being said, get your nutrition right.

Dan: Yes, absolutely. Those would be the most impactful things. When I’m working with people, they want results, right? But some people are really busy so we look at the hierarchy, right? What can we focus our time into, because we’re busy, that’s going to give us the biggest return on investment? I’m like, “Okay, you can’t focus on everything so let’s focus on these things because with these things you’re going to get results even for the busy person.”

Hut: Well, if you fix the sleep, now you start feeling better, your energy’s better, focus is better, you can do your work day because you don’t have as much time. The time that you do have, you have the energy to invest in exercise.

Dan: For sure.

Hut: To invest in planning for your nutrition. If you don’t have that energy, you’re not going to do it.

Dan: Yes, for sure. It’s just easier to be motivated in that sense. I would say that from a lifestyle perspective it’s very important to point out as well that the best diet that you could ever follow is the one that you can follow. That sounds simple, right? But I could make the most scientific plan in the world but if your lifestyle or schedule doesn’t allow you to follow it then it’s kind of useless for you.

So making a plan work for you is of the utmost importance. I’ve talked to people before and they’ll say, “Oh no, the diet was good. It just didn’t work for me,” or “I couldn’t do it.” I want to shake them. The diet wasn’t good for you then. You needed a plan that worked for you.

Hut: Exactly. I think one other point on that whole sleep, I think touching on how sleep does effect cravings. People, the big problem that they have is they get home and they want to eat the wallpaper off the wall. How does sleep affect that? What does sleep do to cause those cravings in the evening?

Dan: Yes, for sure. A lot of people do have a type of night eating syndrome. They don’t eat much during the day. A lot of people skip breakfast, get a sandwich at lunch and maybe have a big dinner and then just start snacking a lot after 5:00 P.M. Five to 10:00 P.M. is kind of just like a finger food snack fest for the rest of the night and this is actually largely due to sleep disturbances the previous night.

Sleep disturbances the previous night can actually increase a hormone called cortisol in the next day. Cortisol has been known in the research to cause blood sugar dysregulation but also give you energy. If you have a bad night’s sleep the night before, it causes blood sugar disturbances in the next day.
When you have blood sugar disturbances, how do you raise blood sugar again? You have carbohydrates. So things like a bread or chips or whatever it’s going to be after dinner that’s something you’re reaching for that is going to cause a problem. But since it also gives you energy it can affect your next night’s sleep as well.

It’s kind of a bad cycle to get into, which kind of cycles me back to we need to get healthy first in order to lose weight. Balancing those things out and looking at an individual’s scenario is what’s going to help them. If you’re somebody who’s eating a ton at night, you’ll just always be in a rat race trying to get yourself lean because you can’t do that every single night.

Hut: No, you can’t do it. A lot of information to cover but take notes. Break down those categories and start focusing on resolving each of those categories. If you knock one and you prove one, it’s going to make it easier to go knock the other ones out.

Dan: For sure.

Hut: Great. I hope that helped. We’ll look forward to talking to you guys here in the near future.

Dan: See ya!


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