Which of These 3 Quotes Describes Your Mindset?

Whether you can identify with one of these three phrases or not, we all want to feel good about our efforts to improve our health & fitness.

Please take a few minutes to read Jackie’s letter below, for example, where she describes her mindset “before”. . . we wish everyone could feel the same as she does “now”!!

“Dear Hut!

Joining New Wave Fitness has been one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life.

I am not a person who particularly likes to exercise and never have been. I have been a member of many gyms throughout the years and I hired numerous personal trainers along the way.

I would lose interest quickly and the motivation gradually decreased with time. I would always quit after a few weeks.

Since joining New Wave Fitness 2 months ago, I can honestly say that this is the best investment I have ever made.

I was reluctant to commit for one year because I know my history of giving up. I am working hard on changing my way of thinking about exercise and I’m constantly reminding myself of why this is so important!!!!

There are days when I feel like calling and canceling for no reason other that I am just not in the mood to exercise. That was then!

This could not be at all possible without the amazing trainer you assigned to me. David is fantastic! He is knowledgeable, patient, caring, encouraging, dependable, flexible and most of all, shows up on time.

This is very important to me because my time is as valuable as his is. I find myself working hard each and every time and doing a little more that is expected of me. That’s a first!

David pushes me and motivates me! He inspires me to work hard and push myself a little bit more each time. We are doing everything like it should be, like stretching before and after. He changes up the exercises.

I had to cancel one day because I was not feeling well and instead of skipping it, I immediately rescheduled it. I felt guilty for canceling. That’s a first!

Who knew I had a complete gym in my home with just basic weights, straps, walls and stability ball! He is very creative!

Thank you to Fitness Headquarters for introducing me to your company and a huge thank you to you for running such a professional company with integrity, high standards and exceptionally well trained and dedicated trainers and office staff!

Looking forward to continuing my journey to better health with New Wave Fitness and I am am curious to see where I’ll be a few months down the road! Maybe I’ll be using 20 lb weights instead of 5, 8, 10 and 12. That will most definitely be a first! I can do it!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Jackie W.”

If you’re ready to:

-LIKE exercise

-Be continuously MOTIVATED

-Not GIVE UP. . .

Then go here to give us a chance to help turn things around for you.

Claim your good health. Don’t wait. Don’t be Jackie “before”. . . be Jackie “now”!!