4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

One of the biggest challenges folks have is staying healthy so they can feel great while traveling, either for business or pleasure.

I’ve found that planning a few things beforehand is the key to staying on track.

Here are four ways to stay healthy while traveling:

Make sure you stay at a hotel with a good workout room and/or a swimming pool—whichever you prefer—so you can continue to get your exercise in.

This is so important, especially after a long day of sitting, no matter which mode of transportation you take.

If you are out walking all day, getting in the pool, hot tub or sauna can help soothe aching muscles and sore feet.

People tend to do a lot more walking than normal when touring or sightseeing, so the more help we can give to our bodies, the better they will recover, and the better we will feel overall to take on the next day’s activities.

Pack good, all-natural meal-replacement bars or shakes.

The idea is to keep your blood sugar stable so you aren’t tempted to stop for fast food or miss a meal, which will lead you to wanting to eat the wallpaper off the wall!

Unhealthy meal choices can also lead to your feeling worse physically, having digestive issues, or losing energy.

My recommendations are:

Meal-Replacement Bars: Quest Protein Bars are a great choice to help satisfy your daily protein intake with very low net carbs and a good amount of fiber.

These use a protein blend of milk and whey protein isolates. Can be used in recipes as well.

Quest has lots of different flavors (at least 25!), including Chocolate Brownie, Coconut Cashew and Mixed Berry Bliss.

Meal-Replacement Shakes: Thorne MediPro Vegan All-In-One Shake.

It contains 22 grams of vegetable protein per serving, has soluble and insoluble fiber, is gluten free and has no artificial sweeteners.

You can mix it in your blender bottle with water, juice, or any type of milk—plant or dairy.

The soluble fiber will help to keep your blood sugar very stable—ensuring you stay in a muscle building/fat burning mode all day long.

As far as the protein source, it uses a blend of pea, chlorella and chia proteins, which is easily assimilated and a better alternative to the more allergenic casein-, soy-, or egg-based protein sources.

Another choice for a meal-replacement product is Thorne MediBolic.

This shake mix increases the feeling of fullness and enhances fat burning. It also supports insulin sensitivity for improved carbohydrate metabolism, and helps maintain healthy blood-sugar and lipid levels. Two scoops contain 18 grams of protein.

Contact me for help with ordering these or other quality Thorne products.

Take your vitamins with plenty of water!

Double up on vitamins C & E because your immune system is under attack while traveling—by stress and being in environments with many potential germs.

A strong immune system means a better chance of not getting sick or run down.

Along with vitamins, there are now plenty of electrolyte supplements to choose from, many that come in portable containers like packets to add to your water bottle.

“Electrolytes are essential minerals—like sodium, calcium, and potassium—that are vital to many key functions in the body.

They’re often talked about in association with dehydration and mentioned in ads for sports drinks that promise to replace electrolytes lost through sweat.” (cedars-sinai.org)

Also, if you can plan some sort of fun physical activity while you travel, it really keeps you focused on your health.

I tend to bring my wakeboard and find a park to go ride, or if I’m in a place where I can surf or bike, I’ll hit those activities.

Be sure to warm up your body for at least 10 minutes before activity, and cool down afterward to help prevent strains and injury.

Especially if you’re participating in an activity that you don’t usually do, or haven’t done in a while, you don’t want to get hurt and be sore on your vacation!

Preparing ahead of time to include these habits in your travel plans can really make a difference in staying fit & healthy during and after traveling!

As always, please check with your doctor before taking our advice. We are fitness & nutrition experts, but not medical professionals.

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