10 Minute Workout for Body Fat Loss

Oddly enough, exercise is one of the most misunderstood components of fat loss.

The recommendation to include cardiovascular and weight training in your program exists, but getting started properly differs from person to person.

I have composed a basic workout program of just three exercises that are simple, fast, and extremely effective.

I’ve even put together a schedule for you, so just pick a date to get started…  I vote for starting today! And you’re ready.

Do you think you can get in shape with just 10 minutes of exercise a day?

Are you concerned that you can no longer get into shape because of your age?

You’ll be amazed by just how much really effective fitness training you can do. Follow these instructions; focus your mind, intensely, for just 10 minutes each day, and you’ll not only tighten and tone your body…you’ll transform it.

You can elevate your heart rate dramatically (be sure to check with your doctor before beginning) and get a fantastic cardiovascular workout while strengthening your muscles at the same time.

The Ultimate Upper-Body Exercise

Whether you want to build serious muscle, or just tighten and tone your upper body, there’s really no beating the push-up. It’s simple and effective.

Here’s how to do a proper push-up, step-by-step…
1. Place body in push-up position on the floor. Activate abdominals.
2. Starting with the body in plank position, lower the chest towards the floor.
3. Once descending to point where elbows reach a 90-degree bend, press body back up to starting position.
4. Avoid arching back.
5. That’s one. Just repeat!

TIPS: While you’re doing push-ups, you are working your arms, chest, core, legs… You name it! So if you can spend just 5-10minutes per day doing push-ups, you’ll see AND feel amazing results in a very short time indeed.

Super Strong Core

The next exercise you need to know for getting terrific in 10 minutes is the crunch. It’s a great way to build abdominal muscle and strengthen your core.

Here’s how to do a proper crunch

1. With your hands on your thighs, pull your chin into your chest, making an effort to contract your abdominal muscles.
2. Sit up sliding your hands to the top of your knees and pause.
3. Repeat.

TIPS: Let your abs do the work!

Terrific Thighs and Tush

The squat is a great exercise because you can do it almost anywhere, and the results are phenomenal.

Here’ s how to do a proper squat…

1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
2. Tighten your abdominals and pull your shoulder blades back.
3. Descend slowly by bending at the hips and knees.
4. During the descent, maintain weight distribution between the mid-foot and heels. Do not  allow the feet to cave inward or shift outward. The knees should track over the toes.
5. Descend until the point at which your thighs are parallel with the floor (if capable) and then  reverse the movement, returning to a standing position.

TIPS: It’s important to try and keep your back straight as you squat. Squatting is great for adding strength to your legs and working your core too. If you’re not using weights, as you  squat, you can put your hands behind your head for maximum effect.

– Do these exercises fast, but controlled. See how many circuits you can go through in your 10 minutes and then use that number as a benchmark to work against every day you train.
– Just keep going through this three-exercise circuit until your 10 minutes are up.
– If using weights for squats, start with smaller weights that you are comfortable with.
– Do stretching to warm up and cool down.

Fairly simple, right?

You really can get results with just 10 minutes going through that workout. But, it’s intense— you need to really push yourself to benefit from it. There’s no time for rest.

Make sure you re-hydrate afterward and use post-workout nutrition. If you can, adding a brisk 10-minute walk to this workout plan would be incredibly beneficial.

Remember, this 10-minute workout should be considered a “starting point.”