Gretchen Will Walk the Camino

Gretchen and her husband both want to stay fit for many years to come and are looking forward to spending a lot more time together riding bikes on Sunday mornings or walking the Camino in three years!

Watch Gretchen’s video interview and find out how having an in-home personal trainer helped her to achieve her fitness goals:

Gretchen: My name is Gretchen Montgomery and I’m from Dallas, Texas.

Hut: What do you do, Gretchen?

Gretchen: “I am the principal of a small Catholic school here in Dallas.

Low energy, fluctuating emotions up and down; not feeling very good in my clothes, not feeling very confident, I guess, in some things in my own life. Not very capable, maybe, not very successful. Just kind of plodding along through life.

After talking with you, it just seemed to make sense. If Bob and I were going to be successful in using the weight equipment that we had purchased…and we had intended to use it, but we knew ourselves pretty well.

Being this age, we know ourselves a little better, at least we hope. We just could see the benefit of having an in-home trainer.

It’s pretty amazing, actually because I’ve lost 16 pounds. I can actually do “man” push-ups and several of them in a row. Burpees don’t scare me anymore.

I think more so than anything, the energy level has been much higher, and I’ve enjoyed some more emotional stability in my life and maybe even some mental agility as well.

I think to a certain extent maybe the discipline of the exercise has been helpful in translating to other areas of my life where I can discipline to do this activity or task or whatever and organizing things in such a way that I can be successful.

Also, I think in my responses to people and in various situations I’ve been able to be more present, I guess, and less emotionally stressed. I think that probably in my emotional life is where I’ve seen the greatest benefit, other than also being able to look pretty good in my clothes now!

It took some discipline at first, just pushing through, this is what we want to do, this is what I want to do, what I want for myself, and just being consistent.

It really helped a lot to have our trainer coming to the house so that I had a meeting. Having that meeting with someone, for me personally, was motivating.

My husband and I have been talking a lot about the importance of continuing this. We see our own parents who are in their late 70s and 80s and they’re struggling to get around, and we don’t want that for our lives.

We realize this is not just a moment, but on into our 70s and 80s, just trying to stay fit, keeping our joints healthy, our heart healthy, our minds healthy—all of that—so it’s pretty important.

I’ll be 60 in three years, so one of my goals is to walk the Camino—starting up in the Pyrenees in France and walking down into Spain to Santiago de Compostela. That’s one of our goals. We’ve debated on whether we want to walk or bike. We think we want to walk and get the full Pilgrim experience but it doesn’t seem unmanageable to us.

In fact, we have added a routine of riding our bikes on Sunday mornings. We ride to Mass and then ride to breakfast and then ride around the park afterwards. Mass isn’t very far away but we’re going to try going to another one that’s an hour away and go to mass and then ride an hour back to go to breakfast and so on, on Sunday mornings.  But we feel like we can do it. It’s not a big deal, whereas before, phew, we would never do that.

Also, for our relationship, my relationship with Bob (we’ve been married 33 years), we enjoy each other and this gives us an additional way to enjoy our life together and something to look forward to when we retire.”

We asked a question of our friends & clients in February 2018 and Gretchen took the time to send us her amazing answer!

The question was: What physical activity did you love doing as a kid but couldn’t imagine doing ever again as an adult?

Gretchen replied: I’m actually already doing those things:  biking, hiking, and snow skiing.

My nephew is in Japan serving in the navy on the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.  Two years ago in 2015 my brother’s family, my husband, and I decided for Christmas 2017 we would go to visit his son and our nephew.  We did, all 11 of us ages 6 months (first grandchild/niece) to 61.  

Part of the trip was to go skiing in Nagano, where the 1998 Winter Olympics took place.  Several years ago I thought I had done my last skiing.  

Well, after spending the past year doing strength training with our New Wave Fitness personal trainer, twice weekly, going to boot camp three mornings a week, and riding bikes each Sunday with my husband, I realized I felt like snow skiing and was actually looking forward to it.  

I was not disappointed.  In fact, I believe this was the most fun snow skiing I have ever had in my entire life.  My balance, strength, and stamina were the best ever.  I could have skied several more days; unfortunately, time did not allow it.

My husband, Bob, and I look forward to hiking the Camino for 5 to 6 weeks, which begins at St. Jean de Pied de Port, France, and ends at Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  This will be my sixtieth birthday present.

Thank you to New Wave for restoring a life of enjoyment of physical activity to this woman in her late 50’s!

Gretchen Montgomery