February 2012 Fitness Success Story

“My name is Manisha; I’m from Plano, Texas. Back in high school and college I was an athlete, so staying in shape was super easy. After I went to medical school and residency, it all pretty much fell apart. I tried all sorts of different things to get back in shape and none of them were working because they weren’t structured like they were before.

So I was tired all the time. I felt like I looked like crap all the time. I just was getting desperate to do something. When we had our son, we knew we had to set a good example as far as staying in shape and having a good lifestyle.”

See how Manisha is accomplishing her goals of staying in shape and living a healthier lifestyle, then continue reading her story below the video:

“Before I got with y’all, I was trying to do pretty much what everyone tries to do. I’ve always been a member of a gym and I’ve been a member of a gym for a long time. I had a trainer a few years back, but after a while, he was more interested in being on his cell phone than actually training me, and it became not very motivating.

I tried P90X, which worked for a little bit, but again, it’s not the same as having someone right there pushing you the whole time. I was always skeptical about a trainer because, like I said, my previous experience was only so-so. I figured it would work for a little while, but then it would taper off.

The most important thing I’ve noticed isn’t the 10 pounds of total fat I’ve lost or the muscle I could see I’ve put on, or my clothes fitting better—the best thing is how much energy I have to go to work. I work nights, then days, then nights…I’m usually flat on the floor, exhausted, drinking energy drinks. Now I have  one cup of coffee and thanks to this workout that I do with my trainer here, I’m ready to go all the time. I feel great.

We’ve discussed supplementation. We’ve discussed when to eat, how much water. All that has really helped and he keeps me accountable.

The hour I have with my trainer is the best hour of my whole day. What’s changed is I feel better all the time. I sleep better. I’m in a better mood. It’s just completely changed my life—I have to say that.

Nothing is the same as having someone come to your home, one-on-one attention, focused. No one can want it for you, but this is the easiest you can make it for yourself.”