Don’t Fall for These 4 Fitness Myths

There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry. It’s hard to know what to listen to and what to ignore.

Here are 4 fitness myths you should know about and stay clear of:

1. If I lift weights, I’ll get bulky. Both men AND women have fallen to this myth. If you put a pound of fat next to a pound of muscle, you’ll see that a pound of fat takes up a LOT more space. Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky. To think it would is like saying learning physics will turn you into Einstein. It takes a TON of effort (and sometimes a lot of drugs) to get as big as some of the top professional bodybuilders around today. So lift without worry, knowing that weight lifting will make you sleek and toned.

2. Morning is the best time to train. Newsflash—your body doesn’t care what time you work out. As long as you put in the same amount of effort and intensity, you will burn an equal amount of calories. So feel free to train whenever you feel your strongest and most energetic.

3. Not eating carbs will make you lean. The truth is that not eating more calories than you burn will make you lean. You can eat carbs in moderation, so long as you maintain a caloric deficit.

4. Fat makes you fat. Nope. Again, it comes down to your overall caloric intake. That said, you SHOULD be eating “healthy” fats from sources like fish, olive oil and nuts. But do so while still maintaining a caloric deficit.