August 2012 Fitness Success Story

Prompting from Bob’s young daughter motivated him to lose 26 pounds so far!

He appreciates being coached from all angles: strength, awareness, and diet, and is grateful for his support system, keeping him accountable.

Watch Bob’s video interview to see how he did it, and how he’s doing now:
(If you’d like to read all about it, the interview transcript is below the video.)


My name is Bob Algiere. I own a design/build company that does hotel work here in the Metroplex and around the country. I got to the point where I was basically all about getting the work done and was lacking my motivation to do anything physical, relative to maintaining my health.

I was just feeling very sluggish, very unmotivated, uncomfortable—extremely uncomfortable at the weight I was—and I realized I really had to do something. I’m in my upper 50s now and have a little daughter that keeps nagging me to do something to take care of myself, so I had to take action in my own hands. I reached out to Hut and his team to give me some guidance, basically to get me started.

Essentially I really wasn’t doing anything on a routine basis, on a systematic approach at all. I was basically not motivated to do physical exercise, other than what would come along from time to time on some recreational sports or just being outdoors. But nothing in a routine that was focused and directed toward certain goals.

I would not say that I was a dieter. I never really did dieting. I’ve always been somewhat physical in my life through my work, but I can’t say that I’ve really had any past success on an ongoing basis with anything relative to diet.

Relative to exercise, I have tried memberships at gyms. In the past I’ve had trainer support, but for one reason or another, that program ended, the company closed up. So I ended up reverting back to a gym membership, which I could make time for ultimately, because it was just about me getting there and that didn’t work out for me.

New Wave Fitness: So with someone coming to your house, you find it’s a lot easier to stay on track?

Bob: Absolutely. When you have a commitment to a team member, a coach, and you’re dedicated to making a difference for what you’re spending money for, the way I look at it, if I’m paying for it, I want everything I can get out of it.

To me, that motivates me to be here on time and be ready to work out, and to give it 60 minutes full, hard out, all the way.

I’m doing it three times a week now and the results have been very positive for me. I really feel tremendously improved. I’ve lost about 26 pounds over maybe four months. I’m getting coaching from a physical, strength-training standpoint, from a physiological/awareness standpoint, and from a diet standpoint. So kind of hitting what I believe are the major bullets to keep me focused. The support from Hut and his team with all three of those major elements has been great.

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, so that’s the hard part, but the biggest change for me was the portion control, being aware that you just can’t eat until it’s gone. It’s just not a good thing.

New Wave Fitness: Right. You can’t eat everything on your plate like your mom used to want you to do.

Bob: Right! It’s going backwards for me, but that was a big difference—consideration for the amount of calorie intake in one day, and really what it is you’re eating.

New Wave Fitness: Have your loved ones or friends made comments about the way you look?

Bob: Oh yeah, oh sure. I mean, 26 pounds is not 100 pounds, but it’s not 3 pounds. So there is a pretty dramatic result, and I get good comments, positive feedback.

New Wave Fitness: And I also know that a friend of yours is kind of watching your progress, right?

[Way to go, Bob—drinking your Shaklee post-workout recovery shake!]

Bob: I have some support out there. Remote from Reno, Nevada. I get phone calls about every Saturday afternoon, “Give me the countdown—what’s the weight count?” and all that. So it’s all good.

For me personally, what I would say would be that if you are serious about getting results, it’s pretty much the only way to ensure that you’re going to have some results, which would be the reason why you continue to do it. We get good results, we continue to do good things.

I’m constantly getting checked and quizzed by my trainer. The off-days of strength training, I’m supposed to be on aerobics, and it’s all about me doing it, and based on my schedule, I’ll do it as much as I should. I know that if I didn’t have the trainer [getting here] certain days a week, since I’m not making the aerobics happen as I should, as frequently, probably the strength-training portion would slip as well and ultimately I’d get back to not doing anything.

New Wave Fitness: Good. Well, thank you very much, Bob, for sharing your story with us. We appreciate your comments, and we hope that your comments and your story will inspire someone else to do the same thing.

Bob: Well, I hope so too. I hope that people listen and realize that it starts with you. You make the commitment. It’s a cost and you should really make sure you get a result for what you’re paying out, which is to be ready to go for it.