The Key to Getting What You Want this Year

It’s a New Year and it’s time to hit the ground running! This year, I don’t want you to give up on all the goals and resolutions you’ve set for yourself.

That’s why in this month’s main article (which is REQUIRED READING), we talked about procrastination and what you can do to sidestep it in order to make sure you move toward your goals on a regular basis. But there is something else you need to do. In fact, it’s the key to getting what you want this year. What is it?


This year, make sure you stay consistent with whatever actions you are going to take to reach your goals. Do them day in and day out. Yes, it will get boring and at times it will seem like a grind. But stay the course and before you know it, you’ll have achieved what you set out to do! Remember, it’s just like the fable of the tortoise and the hare—slow and steady DOES win the race.

So instead of trying to do it all in a week, take small, consistent steps. Too many people make the mistake of making a lot of BIG lifestyle changes in a short span of time. As you can guess, they don’t stick with it because it is too much, too soon (this is why by February, most gyms become empty after being so crowded in January). Instead, take it easy and one small step at a time every single day, no matter what.

Taking this approach certainly isn’t sexy. But it’s a powerful and proven way to get what you want!

To Your Health.