StairMaster TwistLock Dumbbells: Home Fitness Equipment Review #07

Craig Lewin and Hut Allred took a few minutes to showcase a great product from StairMaster–the TwistLock dumbbells. If you don’t have much space but would like a complete set of weights for workouts, weightlifting or strength training, this is a perfect solution!

Watch the video and follow along with the transcript below.

Hut Allred: Hello. This is Hut Allred with New Wave Fitness, here again with Craig Lewin if Busy Body and Fitness HQ. It’s the holiday season, and we have been helping people, but we’re in between helping folks to do the demonstration.

Craig Lewin: We asked them to wait 60 seconds so we could do a quick little demo. So they’re being pretty cool about it.

Hut Allred: Craig, let’s talk about the equipment today that we want to show our viewers. Tell us a little bit more about it.

Craig Lewin: Absolutely. One of the biggest things we think is important is muscle strength. We talk about it all the time. A lot of times people think “just cardio, just cardio, just cardio,” but one of the biggest issues with muscle strengthening is space.

We need the space, and with something like this, we’ve got the space because these things are so unbelievably compact. Tim, if you can zoom in here for a second, I want to show you how easy this is.

These are your adjustable dumbbells that go from 5 all the way up to 50 pounds. It’s the closest thing that we’ve ever found to a regular dumbbell. All I have to do is take it, put it in, that’s 5 pounds. Let’s say I want 10 pounds. All I’m going to do is twist it, grab it here and boom. Now I’ve got 10 pounds.

StairMaster TwistLockIf we want more or less weight, in, twist, boom. It’s really amazing. It’s the closest thing to a regular dumbbell we’ve ever found and they’re incredibly compact. There are no excuses for the space.

Hut Allred: So from a space standpoint, instead of getting a whole bunch of dumbbells, for a room you can just take a small footprint like this, which is the name of the game with all of our equipment…and with these you can go all the way up to 50 pounds. For most folks, this is the most efficient dumbbell you can use.

Craig Lewin: You don’t have the big dumbbell racks spread all over the place. You don’t have the physical weight of 1,100 pounds sitting on your floor. These are compact, they’re easy to use. They’re small. It’s a great gift for the holidays and New Year’s resolutions.

Hut Allred: Great. We have about 20 people walking in the store right now, so we’re probably going to cut it a little short today, but have a happy Christmas, a happy holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you next month.