“She Likes to Wear Skinny Jeans” – Charlotte’s Story

Meet our featured client, Charlotte from Flower Mound. She is currently a member of our In-Home Personal Training family, and has also been through our Lab-Based Nutrition program. 

Watch Charlotte’s video interview:

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte Greene and I grew up in Houston, Texas; born and raised.

Hut: Houston, Texas. All right.

Charlotte: Well, let me see. Exercise? Fitness? None at all, wasn’t doing anything. Eating right? Mmm…not so much.

Joe: She’s a chips person.

Charlotte: Yeah, chips and cookies.

Joe: Chips and cookies.

Hut: There you go. Chips and cookies.

Charlotte: Oh, don’t forget about the Sprite.

Hut: Yeah! So definitely some habits that weren’t improving health and fitness.

Charlotte. Right. I felt that I was pretty healthy, but now that I’m eating better, I feel better. I don’t hurt as much. I can exercise a little bit longer now.

Hut: Yes, which is really good. I think you were a little surprised by, not only where you were, but surprised  once you got in the program, of the type of results that…you actually called and said, “Hey, I’m losing too much weight! I don’t want to lose any more weight!” Which, honestly, we don’t get that too often! But tell me a little bit  more about…before you started the program, what were the biggest things you wanted to accomplish going into it?

Charlotte: I just wanted to make sure that I was healthy. I wanted to exercise a little, but not very much, because I really didn’t think that I could do like the pull-ups and the sit-ups, but once I started with Gary, well, I could only do two. But then now, it’s just a little bit easier for me, and I can see the improvements now so it’s like, Okay, let’s go.

Hut: You’re in it.

Charlotte: I’m in it.

Joe: She is highly motivated because she likes to wear skinny jeans.

Hut: Once she started dropping, she put those skinny jeans on and you’re like, “Whoa, I’m hooked!”

Charlotte: I was hooked.

Hut: You’ve changed tremendously from the first session, so in a short period of time, you’ve accomplished a lot. Let’s talk about that nutrition component because a part of our Elite program, we do the Lab-Based Nutrition.

Charlotte: I can’t eat bananas and oranges and grapes…and these were things that I was eating every day because I thought those things were good for my body. But it was doing something totally different to my body.

Hut: Exactly.

Charlotte: I think that’s why this program works, because I would have been eating all those things I was eating before, but trying to cut out the fats.

Hut: Exactly.

Charlotte: I would have thought that I could eat any vegetable or any fruit and been fine until you gave me that menu.

Hut: But whenever Dan sat down with you and was able to explain it in a way that made complete sense, you were committed to doing it then. If we would have just handed it to you and not explained to you why we were doing it, no, not at all.

Charlotte: No.

Hut: And that’s the power of our program. We’re five months into it now and we’re still following the same protocol, so it’s obviously something that you’re able to create a lifestyle habit rather than, Oh, I’m on another diet for three weeks or four weeks.

Charlotte: Well, my thought pattern has changed now, because I was telling Joe the other day, the kids were eating pizza and it didn’t even bother me. And any other time, I would have said, “Oh no, I just have to have a piece of pizza,” but I know what that can do to my body now, or my system.  

Hut: And that’s exactly what makes that so powerful, is having that information—that’s huge.

Charlotte: I think that with my age group, which I’m just turning 60, we have to have someone to come and push us a little bit. The younger generation, he’s right, they will go into the gym and that’s going to be short lived. Ours is a lifestyle change for us, so we need someone to keep us on the straight and narrow, and I think it will last a little longer.

Another thing—it was good for us to do it together too because we have a ball exercising together. We’re kind of liking that now.

Hut: Seventy percent of our clientele are husbands and wives that work out together. The thing is, it’s got to be a household commitment. They can’t be commitment here and not a commitment there, because especially in those first six to eight weeks, if she’s sitting over here eating chips in front of you…

Charlotte: And as soon as you give them that blood work and they find out what they can and can’t eat, they’re in.

Hut: They’re in.