October 2014 Fitness Success Story – Ashley

“I grew up athletic, but always ‘fuller’ than the rest of the girls in my age group. After not playing sports for a while, I gained weight every year, little by little–but when I finally caught it, it was a lot! If you still eat like an athlete (everything and anything you want) but don’t train like an athlete, you only digress.

For the career choice I have, always having to be in the public eye, looking your best can’t only be a goal. After New Wave Fitness, I not only changed by body, but also my life. I didn’t do it for anyone else but me–with New Wave Fitness, I’m the best me I’ve ever been!

I have had beyond amazing results! Not only have I lost 30+ lbs, but I have toning, my energy is through the roof, and I’m more active in everything I do! I’ve gained muscle, stamina, and even patience. My life is cleaner now, and definitely more fulfilling.

“I’m the best me I’ve ever been!”

I’m beyond pleased with my results. My life is so much more fulfilling than I can ever imagine, or ever have thought it would be. I am more pleased with myself and surroundings, conscious and aware of how my body and mind work-together, and I’ve never truly looked better!

In all honesty– there is nothing better than looking in the mirror after getting ready and being pleased you finally have THE BUTT to fill out your outfit. It’s so encouraging to see results yourself, and even better when a stranger notices too!

Being a previous athlete, you already feel defensive about someone coming in to help you. You aware that you need to change yourself and your life, but having someone remind you is extremely difficult and puts you in a vulnerable position.

But facing that position dead on, and reminding yourself that you are and can be a better person than the person you are now, is so uplifting and more encouraging than said. But being encouraged by someone else is even more satisfying.

The staff of New Wave Fitness has just as much of a hand in this journey as I did. They are not only encouraging, but reliable, safe, and most importantly, even when I wanted to give up on myself–they always had my back.

“I’m more active in everything I do!”

The attentiveness was something I needed, being held accountable was something I needed more. And they have helped me all the way. I’ve been nothing but blessed.

When your ducks are in a row, your life seems a little more put together. With all the organized chaos, I know I can count on New Wave Fitness for there consistency and trust worthy work ethic. You become part of the team, and it always ends in a win!”

~ Ashley J
Dallas, TX

P.S. Ashley was featured on our blog after releasing her new dance single “One and One.” We wish her success, not only with her health and fitness, but also with her budding music career! (See the blog post here.)