November 2012 Fitness Success Story

In addition to being our November 2012 client of the month, Anita also participated in and WON our 21-Day Fat Loss Success Sprint Challenge during our women’s boot camp in October. She lost 10 pounds of fat in just 21 days!

Watch Anita’s video interview below or read the transcript to find out about her weight-loss experience.

My name is Anita De La Isla and I’m from Irving, Texas. Before I started boot camp, I was rarely working out and my food intake was not structured at all because I work, I’m in graduate school, I’m trying to get all of that accomplished, so I was really looking for some structure in my life.

I had a baby four years ago and I tried boot camp. I was one of the original boot camp members and it worked for me. I lost all of my baby weight. I was even under what I started at before I was pregnant, and I just know it works for me. So when it was time to get back into the swing of things, because I knew the balance of my life was out of control, then I just decided I needed to go back to what has always worked for me, and that’s boot camp.

I love the program because it really gave me a balance between fitness and nutrition, and it held me accountable. For me that’s what I really need. When you write down what you’re taking in every single day, it’s an aha for you because you start to realize, “Wow, I didn’t realize with these little adjustments, I can really make an impact on what I’m doing every day for my exercise program.” If you can find that balance, it makes it all worthwhile, and you really see the results.

I was really shocked because I knew it worked, but it really made me see it in number form because I was able to lose 10 pounds of body fat and 5 inches. I can really tell. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you wear your clothes daily, you see that.