Mommy Time


Susan: I’m Susan; I live here in Irving. I play softball regularly, have since I was 8 years old, so I stayed with that. Did a lot of Zumba for a while, but for about 2 years prior to this, I was pretty dormant because my son took precedence with baseball.

So fall and spring baseball took over and Mommy didn’t get any time. My evenings are devoted to him now so having this in the morning is nice.

Hut: Were you a morning person before you started boot camp?

Susan: Oh yeah. I’m always up at the crack of dawn to begin with so…

Hut: That worked out perfectly.

Susan: Yeah, it did, and like I said now I can have “me” time and still devote my evenings to my son so it does work out.

Hut: Were you skeptical about boot camp—coming out and doing the boot camp workouts at 5:30 in the morning? Was it something that you were a little bit skeptical about?

Susan: A little bit, just because this interferes with my morning coffee time, let’s be honest! But not only that, it’s outside and it’s just different. It’s nothing I’ve ever done before so I figured honestly that would probably be the best thing, getting something different, something I’d never done before.

I knew  technically I didn’t have a whole lot of poundage to lose, but a lot of it was just toning—those mommy areas and those lovely lady areas that always tend to go first. Toning those up was the biggest thing. That, and endurance, because I’ve totally lost all endurance that I had.

Hut: Do you feel like your endurance, strength and flexibility have improved?

11_Nov_2015_Client_SusanGSusan: Yeah, my endurance, definitely. This morning I got around and could still breathe and it was fabulous, even with humidity, so it was nice to be able to finally get a pace and start going with that. It’s taken a while, but nothing happens overnight.

Everything depends on what [people] want to achieve. I think that you’re never going to know until you try and that’s the biggest thing. Honestly, the group of people here is the reason I keep coming back because I would lose motivation in a minute.

I have to have accountability, or I’d be able to do this on my own. Having the group of people here is fabulous. Everybody’s got great camaraderie, we get along, we jazz each other, and it’s fabulous. That’s, honestly, to me, the best part because that’s what makes you want to come back.

Hut: What was your award this camp?

Susan: Most Improved Jefferson Mile, or whatever they call this thing out here and I guess Most Improved on [Fat Loss]—I got second place in that, for measurements and stuff like that.

Hut: Great! So are you overall happy with boot camp?

Susan: Oh yeah! I enjoy it. Just signed up for my year so I’m super excited. I told Jason he has to hold me accountable though!

Hut: Congratulations.

Susan: Thank you.

Hut: Good job.