Inspire Functional Trainer FT2 Review

With a Smith-type bar, easy weight adjustment, assisted push-up/pull-up/athletic training functions, and a lot more…we couldn’t cover everything in this short video.

Craig & Hut did their best to show you some of their favorite features of the Inspire FT2 Functional Trainer on our video review!

Watch it here:


Hut: So we’ve done the Inspire Functional Trainer, the T1. This is the T2

Craig: Yes, so you’ve got what’s called an FT1, right?

Hut: Yes.

Craig: It’s a Functional Trainer 1. This is a Functional Trainer 2. The biggest difference, you still have the functional training aspect of it with these pulleys that are on the front, okay? So you’ve got pulleys here, you’ve have pulleys at the top to do a pulldown. You also have pulleys at the bottom to do either bicep curls, rows or even a leg extension off the front ‘cause all that can hook up with a cable machine, or a cable attachment, right?

Hut: Yes.

Craig: What’s cool though about this particular product more than anything is this red bar that’s right in front of you. And the reason it’s red is so you don’t hit your head on it, okay?

Hut: Sure.

Craig: That’s why they made it red…but this is incredible.

Hut: If that was black…

Craig: Yeah, it could you hurt you, right? I asked Inspire, I said, “Why’d you make it red,” and Fred from Inspire said, “Well, we just made it red ‘cause everyone hits their head on it,” so now they don’t have to worry about it.

Hut: There you go.

Craig: So that’s great but here’s what I want to show you guys real quick. This is what’s cool about this machine. I actually have a Smith bar built into this machine. Right here, bring it down, set my safeties and now I can do a full-on bench press with this bar.

Hut: And you’re not having to add plates or weights. It’s all through the cable system.

Craig: No, that’s what’s amazing is this machine has no weight plates that you put on the side so there’s no injuries with the kids, no injuries with yourself, you’re not having to buy extra pieces. I just go like this—take the pin out on each side, change the weight and there it is. And if I get in a bind, watch this! I’ve got safeties built in.

Hut: So if you have a young teenager that’s wanting to train and doesn’t have spotter…

Craig: Which is a lot of the kids that are (indiscernible) and getting into football and that sort of thing, high school, and they don’t have a spotter, they come home. Because at the school they’re using a (indiscernible) bar (indiscernible) plates and that’s… that’s what they want. They need this. This is very, very safe. It feels incredible.

Hut: Yeah, so smooth. So what makes this so cool is that you have that Smith machine option where you can do all your movements…but you also have the functional trainer option, which allows you to do all those combo movements, really, you know, athletic movements.

Craig: Absolutely. ‘Cause we can take this and bring it to the top and get it out of the way.

Hut: Show ‘em how to do it.

Craig: And now you still have a full-on functional trainer, right?

Hut: Yup. Let’s do it.

Craig: So it’s really, really simple with this. Let me just show you guys how this works and how we get it out of the way. This bar right here goes up, just like that, walks out. Now that’s out of the way completely and now I have a full-on functional trainer right here. So now we can…

Hut: We can look at each other and workout.

Craig: Yeah, it’s amazing. So it’s really, really cool and, obviously, you guys know from our FT1 video but, you know, this is adjustable up and down.

Hut: All the way down?

Craig: Yeah, and we can put it wherever we want, which is really cool, and then you’ve got all the other pulleys in it. But (indiscernible) amazing.

Hut: And which… and which what I really like, we can attach this assisted body weight, assisted exercises.

Craig: That’s probably one of the coolest things is you can actually do a bodyweight assisted pull-up.

Hut: Push-ups, pull-ups and even athletic movements. A lot of people don’t understand…Let’s just show them. I’m going to do probably one of the most functional movements that you can do.

Craig: This guy’s good.

Hut: I do my best. And, uh, so let’s say you want to do a pushup and you’re not real strong…or it’s been a long time and your shoulders and your neck tend to hurt…

Craig: Yup.

Hut: You can use your full body weight.

Craig: Well, show us, Hut.

Hut: All we do is we (laughs) we add weight so that it’s easier and then when you lay down—you probably won’t see me—but you can do an assisted pushup.

Craig: This is how Hut has to do his push-ups. Watch, I’m going to bring this down.

Hut: There you go, just like that.

Craig: There he is.

Hut: So I can do my one-arms.

Craig: Man, Hut, you’re strong.

Hut: So you can do that. Also, little athletes could do some movements where you… set a—set a ball out there.

Craig: Okay.

Hut: Set a ball out there.

Craig: Here, how ‘bout this?

Hut: There you go, a sandbag. So we can come out here, grab that sandbag, come back, put it back down here, come back.

Craig: That’s pretty amazing.

Hut: So we can really get in and do some athletic movements with this machine.

Craig: Pretty awesome.

Hut: Plus your pull-up.

Craig: Pretty awesome, yeah.

Hut: So a lot of fun stuff.

Craig: Pull-ups are easy. The pull-ups (indiscernible) bring up here, we use this right here just to get on, just like that, and then you have an assisted pull-up.


Hut: Awesome.

Craig: So pretty cool.

Hut: Yup. Point out again the cable systems back in here. There’s a lot of different places you can do stuff. So really this machine, I feel like this machine is for, not only folks that are over the age of 40 that just want to get fit, but it’s also for their kids and young athletes that want to utilize a machine at home without…

Craig: That’s safe.

Hut: That’s safe.

Craig: And that you can do a lot of exercises and functional training in general will tend to put a lot less pressure on the joints. You don’t need a lot of weight.

Hut: Yup.

Craig: Just getting the motion down nice and smooth and, uh, man, I got to tell you, nobody makes smoother cabling mechanism than Inspire.

Hut: Yeah, it’s solid.

Craig: These guys do a really good job.

Hut: Top of the line. And that’s what you get at these stores. Well, I hope you guys found this valuable. Again, you can come to any of the stores—Busy Body, Fitness Headquarters—and we’ll have that information at the end of this video. That’s the Inspire FT2. Come check it out. We look forward to seeing you here in the near future.

Craig: Adios.