Hoist Mi6 Functional Trainer Review

Craig & Hut show how functional this Hoist Mi6 really is. Along with a small footprint, it offers a wide range of exercise options and accessories for any fitness level.



Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin of Fitness Headquarters and Busy Body. You see how I flipped that around?

Craig: Yeah, it’s good. Sometimes you say Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters / Fitness Headquarters and Busy Body. I like how you did that.

Hut: Yeah, because they’re one in the same.

Craig: They are one in the same but today we’re in a Fitness Headquarters, so you’ve got to put it first.

Hut: Absolutely, and I think we should start doing that. Every time we’re in a HQ store…

Craig: We’ve got to say Fitness Headquarters first, and we’re in Frisco Fitness Headquarters. It’s a lot of F’s but it’s great.

Hut: Yes, absolutely. So, Craig, we’ve done a lot of functional trainers in the past and we’ve got a new functional trainer.

Craig: Functional training has gotten incredibly popular. It’s amazing how many people buy functional trainers now. You go into a gym; everyone is using a functional trainer so people want them for their home, and for the first time, we’ve got a functional trainer that is tiny. This thing is so compact, it fits right into a corner.

The other thing is sometimes not just the space, but you want it to feel good. People use it at the gym and they go, “I want that same quality, I want that same smoothness,” and a lot of times with stuff for the home, you don’t get that. But with this, you absolutely do–the smoothness is incredible.

Just to give you an idea, and I know a lot of you have seen the functional trainers before, but just to be able to grab these handles, step forward and do a press… I don’t know if you noticed this, but these on the side, the columns, they rotate 360 degrees so this is following my natural motion the whole time and completely taking any pressure off of my joints.

Hut: That is great!

Craig: We’ve never seen that before. That’s a really cool, unique design.

Hut: No, that’s a great feature right there.

Craig: So that’s pretty awesome. The other thing is, you can adjust these with just one little finger. They’re counterbalanced so when you grab this, you can go up and down with a lot of ease.

Hut: One hand, no problem. You’re not having to hook it. Not complicated.

Craig: I think that happens a lot of the time when you go to do an adjustment, it’s hard to do, it gets jammed, or sometimes somebody will go, “Well, I can’t work out when I”m by myself because I want my wife there or my husband there to help me move things around.” This is just so incredibly easy. And it looks good. The aesthetics of it are phenomenal.

Hut: And the thing about functional trainers–you can do so many movements from a standing position, which is a much better way to exercise. With this machine right here, it’s so easy to change angles, adjust your positioning so that you’re recruiting a lot of muscle fibers. It’s great.

Craig: It is easy, and if I want to change it up and work on my back, in the same exact position I can do that. If I wanted to do more of an overhead tricep, we could come out here and do overhead triceps.

If I want to work out with a partner, I’ve got two weight stacks so that’s cool. Now Hut can be over there doing a workout. I can be here doing a workout and we can work out together, which is something I think we always talk about trying to do together with your other half. I think it’s a great thing to be able to do.

Hut: Absolutely, and 70% of our clientele are husbands and wives that work together, so having a machine like this is definitely more efficient.

Craig: It’s cool, and these guys do an awesome job too with giving us accessories. You can go in here, for instance, you’ve got a bicep curl bar that’s stored in the back. They’re aluminum so if you feel this it doesn’t weigh anything. It’s pretty awesome.

Hut: I could juggle with this.

Craig: You could juggle with it if you want to. We should watch you do that. Here’s what’s cool–these things come off so incredibly easily, so all I have to do is just take these off, pop this on here, simple. Then I can adjust it and do some bicep curls. Because I know this thing can turn, I’ll turn and face you guys. I can get in here, and that’s another thing that’s cool–I can actually do my exercises inside the gym so it doesn’t take any space at all.

Hut: So if you don’t have a lot of space, you could stick this in a closet if you had to.

Craig: It’s so small. Upright rows, bicep curls. I could bring it all the way to the top and stand here and do tricep pull-downs. The other cool thing too is, if you want to incorporate a bench into it, you can do that. I could put a bench in here, lay down, adjust these cables to do a bench press, incline press, a shoulder press.

Hut: Bench, stability ball, Bosu ball… and the range on these is far. Look how far out we can go–all the way to the camera. So you can do your cable rotations.

Craig: That bar is fun too.

Hut: You can attach these and do some bar moves.

Craig: You know what I love doing on this? This is kind of funny. I like taking this bar and doing what we call a kayak movement, which is pretty cool. You can do a standing chest press as well, all the traditional stuff, but one guy came in the store one time and showed me he did this. He got really excited. Literally, he does a kayaking motion with this.

Hut: Oh, wow! That’s great.

Craig: And the thing is, it works on here because of that moving of the columns.

Hut: You can’t do that on just any equipment.

Craig: It’s very hard. It doesn’t feel as natural for you to do it [on another piece] but on this, you can do it. I think our favorite thing is probably the assisted pull-ups.

Hut: Yes, everybody loves it, and assisted push-ups.

Craig: And assisted push-ups.

Hut: Those are a winner.

Craig: Being able to take this right here, pop this in… do you have the little snap, like here?

Hut: Yes, I took it.

Craig: That’s okay, you’re a thief.

Hut: I am a thief.

Craig: Hey, but these are the type of things that could happen at home so it’s good that you guys are witnessing all of this.

Hut: I’m going to give you 70 pounds.

Craig: Yeah, do it! I can take this right here and actually drop this down, put my knee in, and it’s going to catapult me up, but pretty amazing to be able to do that.

Hut: Assisted pull-ups. That’s awesome. Then you can flip around and I like doing these.

Craig: You like doing the push-ups?

Hut: I like doing the push-ups. Although I can actually do a push-up.

Craig: So he says.

Hut: So you can just set down and you’re doing presses.

Craig: Wow! I’m going to tilt the camera because I don’t know if they can see you, but just for fun… well, they can kind of see you. Go ahead.

Hut: If you have a problem doing push-ups, with assisted push-ups you can drop the weight. For athletes, you can do some great stuff, as in you could add a ball and we can step out, grab balls, come back. If you have a young athlete, it’s great. A lot of different things you can do on this.

Craig: You know, the truth is, Hut was a young athlete at one stage in his life.

Hut: Hey, I’m still trying to be an athlete.

Craig: Running back for North Texas. But you’re still a young athlete. I don’t think you’re getting old; you’re still young. So this is a great machine and the last thing is, you’ve got an iPad* holder in here which is really cool.

Hoist actually has their own application that you can put in here and load up. It will tell you exactly how to do all of the exercises. It will show you how to do everything. Pretty cool.

Hut: Then if you just don’t want to mess with that, you can call us.

Craig: Absolutely. Makes it really easy.

Hut: I really like this machine. This is good.

Craig: It’s a great machine. It’s small, functional, easy to use, lots of accessories…

Hut: There’s not much to it. Bam, bam, bam, bam, that’s it. Make a few adjustments and you can get through your workout very quick.

Craig: It’s easy. This is all open, by the way. I don’t know if you noticed this but if somebody has an issue like if there’s a wall in a certain area that they need to get around, I can actually climb through here. Depending on where you’re putting it in the room, sometimes that can help you a little bit too.

Hut: Really cool. We can find the Mi6…

Craig: At all of the Fitness HQ stores: Frisco, Southlake, Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth.


Hut: Awesome. Well, we’re coming into the holiday season so if you want to get a piece of equipment, stick it in your home and get ready for the New Year’s Resolution, this is a good piece of equipment to do that.

Craig: Yeah, it’s great. It’s awesome. You guys would enjoy it. Come into the Fitness HQ stores and if we’re here filming, we’ll just take you through it.

Hut: Bring it. You can be on TV, man. Or on iPhones. Probably more iPhones. Most people watch this on iPhone. All right, Craig.

Craig: All right, man!

Hut: Good seeing you, brother.

Craig: This was fun. I think we did good for it being late at night.

Hut: Yeah, actually I think we should start doing it more. I don’t even know what I’m saying right now. Ready to go to bed.

Craig: That’s awesome.

Hut: All right, guys, we’ll talk to you next month.

Craig: Adios.

*Tablet not included.