Helix Lateral Trainer Review

This is a really unique way to get lateral movement to work your hips, glutes, thighs (inner and outer) and obliques…not to mention an intense cardio workout that, as Craig says, will “make you cry for your mommy.”

It’s like pedaling a bike sideways and will make you realize yes, you do have muscles you never knew about ’cause they will be screaming!

Watch as Craig & Hut show us how the Helix Later Trainer works in this month’s video:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin from Fitness Headquarters and Busy Body.

Craig: That’s right. We’re doing something a little bit different here.

Hut: Yeah, we’re changing it up.

Craig: Fitness Headquarters in Southlake. We’ve got a gentleman named Brandon (click here to see Brandon) managing this store and it’s a gorgeous store. In fact, this is where it all started for this stud over here.

Hut: Yeah, this was the first store that we set up the relationship with that flourished into what it is today.

Craig: It’s amazing. I love this store–right on Southlake Boulevard. It’s like it sits up on a hill, I love it, you can kind of oversee…I wish it was even higher up on the hill.

Hut: This is a great spot and Southlake is a beautiful location. A lot of great people.

Craig: It’s a great store. We’re excited. We’re going to show you guys something completely different.

Hut: Man, I was kind of surprised by this. This is like new on the floor.

Craig: It’s really hot for us. This is something that has taken things by storm. A lot of customers these days are looking for that next piece of exercise equipment that gives you that edge. This does that.

It’s extremely compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s something you can add to a fitness room without taking up a lot of space. But the big thing is that this machine actually trains you laterally. You go side to side. There are not a lot of machines that will do that for you.

Hut: No; very few.

Craig: Not a lot at all. This machine does it, and does it incredibly well. If you want to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time, I challenge any customer to come in to this store and get on this thing for 60 seconds. It will make you cry for your mommy.

Hut: And it’s a cool looking piece of equipment.

Craig: Yeah, it really is. The motion of it is really cool. A couple things that are neat about it…obviously I mentioned that fact that it’s really small, which I love. The lateral, side-to-side is great because you’re really doing to do a lot of inner/outer thigh and a lot of glutes. Women love that too.

Hut: Big time.

Craig: I love it too. I’m not a woman, but I’m just saying I love it and that’s how I got this.

Hut: That’s one of your primary goals, is to sharpen up your butt.

Craig: Yeah, but not to become a woman…

Hut: I don’t know!

Craig: Look–this machine right here goes side to side. You’ve got a lateral motion and what’s cool is, the machine will actually prompt you to go one way and then stop and go the other way.

What’s really cool about that, when you’re moving on the machine back and forth, you can stop and stabilize yourself. Then you can take it and keep going the other way. So really easy, self-generating so you don’t have to plug it in.

Hut: That’s cool.


Craig: And if you really want a workout, drop it down here.

Hut: Get that booty down there.


Craig: This is incredible.

Hut: That’s good form, man. You look good.

Craig: Thank you. I’m just trying to keep centered. My legs are on fire. My heart rate is probably 160. But the motion is incredible, such a great workout.

Hut: That would be great for interval outbursts.

Craig: Absolutely. Well, that’s what’s popular now, right?

Hut: Yeah, big time.

Craig: Digging really hard for a very short amount of time and then bringing it down.

Hut: Oh, look! One of my favorite water bottles.

Craig: Yeah, you love those Avex water bottles, right?

Hut: Those are amazing.

Craig: Those things are incredible. But again, this is something new, something very, very fresh in our marketplace and we’re doing incredibly well with the product.

Hut: That’s great. And Southlake is a great location. There’s a ton of equipment in here. It’s a great store.


Craig: It’s a lot of stuff. You can get anything you need–any of y’all’s accessories, any of your big stuff, equipment. We just wanted to highlight this location because it’s one of our best stores and we’ve got some incredible stuff.

Hut: We’re happy to have Brandon here.

Craig: Brandon is fantastic. He’s doing a good job with us so we’re excited. The Helix–that’s what it’s called. This particular model ranges from $4,499 at the top end, their commercial version, $3,499 and $2,499. There are three different models so it’s a huge range. We can show you, come on in and we can tell you about it if you want something that’s going to give you that next edge. This is it.

Hut: Great. I like it. So that’s the Helix. Come check it out here at Southlake Fitness Headquarters and we’ll look forward to seeing you. [Phone rings] Somebody’s already calling.

Craig: There we go, they want the Helix. How did they get to see it already?

Hut: Good seeing you, brother.

Craig: Good to see you too.

Hut: All right, man.