Avex Water Bottle

If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. If you feel hungry, drink some water first, because you may only be thirsty and not really hungry!

Need some motivation to drink more water? In this video, Craig and Hut review the Avex Water Bottle, which is designed for maximum water flow and intake. Plus it comes in some ultra-hydrating colors and is available at your local Busy Body or Fitness HQ!



Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters.

Craig: Yeah!

Hut: It’s a beautiful, beautiful day today.

Craig: Today is gorgeous. The sun is out and today is absolutely spectacular and it makes me think, especially with the sun being out, how important it is to drink water.

Hut: It is very important to drink water, and that’s why we’re here today, because we have a good tool that I’ve been using for months now.

Craig: I think that when you get into something like this, these water bottles are unbelievable. I never thought there was actually a water bottle that could force you to drink more water. These Avex Water Bottles, which are in all of our Busy Body and Fitness HQ stores, are unbelievable. There’s a suction on here… literally when you take this button here, can you see that? I know you can hear it. Oh yeah, you can see it.

Hut: There you go.

Tip #1 – This bottle will make it easier to drink more water every day.

Craig: And you start guzzling this thing, I’m telling you, water gushes into your mouth. I can go through, and how much is this, 25 ounces… I can drink a whole thing like this literally in one sitting.

Hut: Yes.

Craig: I mean, no big deal. And if you can drink three of these a day (that’s half a gallon, by the way), that’s unbelievable.

Hut: My water intake went from, on average probably taking 80 to 100 ounces, just because you’re working… you drink as much water as you can, but it just doesn’t happen fast enough. To using this bottle and I easily take in 150 to 180 ounces a day.

Craig: Wow!

Hut: Easily, yes.

Craig: So you’ve almost doubled your consumption of water.

Hut: I’ve doubled my water intake as a result of this water bottle.

Craig: And it’s interesting, because when you go to drink water, like anything, you can only drink so much. Somehow with the vacuum seal that they put in here… and it’s not uncomfortable. It’s not like it gets forced down your throat.

Hut: No.

Craig: You’re just taking in an exorbitant amount of water. In fact, we’re going to show you something. This is exciting.

Tip #2 – Your body will work more efficiently when drink more water every day.

Hut: Yes, we’re going to show this to you.

Craig: I’ll be right back. So check this out–this is a regular water bottle. We’re going to take this and we’re going to dump it all over the floor. I’m going to squeeze hard just so you can see how much water comes out. All right? Now we’re going to do the same thing with the Avex bottle. What? It’s like flooding in here! It’s crazy!

avex-water-bottle_craig-hutHut: So you will take in double the amount of water than you would with a regular water bottle, which makes it so much easier to consume more water.

Craig: I think the other great thing about these things — they’re only $14.99.

Hut: It may be one of the best tools you can invest in if you’re not drinking enough water.

Craig: If you’re having issues drinking water, come in and see us at Busy Body or Fitness HQ and we’re going to make your doctor’s visits much, much better.

Hut: Plus you’ll feel better, you’ll recover better, your body works way more efficiently when you have more water.

Tip #3 – Drinking water from the Avex bottle makes lab visits easier.

Craig: Do you know when you go to the doctor for your physical and they say, “Hey, I need you to pee in a cup”? Right? And you go, “Darn it, I don’t need to pee in a cup.” Well, all you need to do from now on, on the way to the doctor, take this with you. Take a swig and I guarantee, you’ll have pee in that cup.

Hut: Exactly. But again, probably one of the best tools you can buy…by far the best water bottle I’ve ever invested in.

Craig: BPA-free.

Hut: Yeah, which you won’t get any chemicals in you.

Craig: No chemicals in there, so really exciting, $14.99, fifteen bucks, come in here and grab five or six of them and you’re going to be set.

Hut: Yes. So I recommend you stop at any of the Busy Body or Fitness HQ locations.

Craig: That would be great.

Hut: Purchase one of these bottles and start drinking more water for the summer season and be more fit.

Craig: Take it with you to the lake. When I go to the boat… do you take this?

Hut: Oh, I take it everywhere. I take it on trips. When I go surf, I go snowboard, I’ve got this. I’m always carrying this because I can take in so much more water because of it.

Craig: So come in, buy a water bottle. We’re not going to be upset if, while you’re here, you also buy an elliptical or a treadmill or a home gym.

Hut: You can do that.

Craig: But you’ve got to see these things… and you’ve got multiple colors, blue, yellow, black, whatever is your favorite.

Hut: There you go. So again, come check it out. Craig, how you doing, buddy?

Craig: I’m good.

Hut: Good. I’ll see you next month and we’ll look forward to covering another piece of equipment.

Craig: All right, I love it.