Thank you, Mom.

by Hut Allred

My mother, Sharon Allred, was the person who got us kids interested in weight training.

In Brownwood, where I grew up, we had a world champion power lifter named Doug Young. He was a family friend and trained my mom in weightlifting.

You can watch a video of Doug being interviewed by Bryant Gumbel here: 

My brothers and sister (Jason Jarret, Shelly) and I would watch Mom train.

I remember wanting to lift weights when we went to the gym but my mom wouldn’t let me because I was too young. So I watched impatiently while my brothers and sister trained…

When I was finally old enough to start lifting weights, I was like a caged animal being let into the wild!

It was really during this time that I started laying down the foundation of my health & fitness lifestyle. I really owe it all to my mom, who was committed and determined to be in her best shape and a GREAT role model for her family. 

Thank you, Mom, for leading me down my health and fitness path.