Stop Making Excuses

Randy & Jennifer Stokx stopped making excuses and took action! Randy was not comfortable after putting on weight, and  their habit of eating out needed to be corralled, even with a busy lifestyle and 5 children to take care of…

They graciously agreed to tell New Wave Fitness their fitness success story in our latest batch of brand-new video interviews.

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“I’m Randy and this is my wife Jennifer. We live in Coppell and we have 5 children. I’m a CPA and Jennifer works at home here with the kids and keeps me under control.

Before New Wave Fitness, the challenge that I had for fitness was, I work a lot of hours, very busy with the kids doing a lot of different things, and I just never made the time to have a consistent routine ever.

I put on a fair amount of weight over the last several years and was up to almost 225 pounds, so I was constantly having to buy new clothes it seemed like, every six months or so. I just couldn’t get myself into a routine where I could keep it off. We’re always on the go so our eating habits were frankly terrible because we would eat out constantly.

Over the last couple months, I’ve lost about 21 pounds and a couple of inches in the waist, so I’ve had to go out and buy some new clothes in the opposite direction again, which is nice. I feel a lot better. Just simple things like sitting in the car and moving in the car, I feel that a lot of the belly weight has gone away. That’s my favorite thing about it—I feel a lot different.

We’ve been married for a long time so I guess I shouldn’t say it doesn’t matter how I look, because I guess it does, but I feel a lot better about it today than I did just a couple months ago.

And it’s been good from a diet standpoint. I haven’t had to just completely cut out all of this or all of that; it’s been a lot more smart eating. We think about what we’re going to eat even if we still go out a lot. We think about what’s on that menu there versus this menu.

I would definitely recommend somebody to go to New Wave Fitness. The best thing for me has been the flexibility of coming up with a schedule that works for the two of us and the trainer, and then for me to be able to do it at my house, in my own gym.

I like the variety that our trainer brings in exercises. We never know what we’re going to do when she’s walking in the door.” It just keeps it interesting and keeps us going.