Bruce: Type-A to the Tenth Power


Bruce: I go by Bruce. I’m originally from Newcastle, Pennsylvania.

I’m an ex-athlete. I went to college, played soccer and lacrosse, top 10 lacrosse team in the United States, soccer second NCAA so I’ve been athletic all my life. Ran marathons after I finished college. Then I got to where my knees were really an issue.

I used to go down to the Y and work out but I wasn’t consistent. So I bought this elliptical for the purpose of being consistent. I gained weight. At the height of my experience, I probably got to 208 pounds. Optimal weight for me is about 188, 189. That’s about where I run. If I don’t exercise I get up to about 193 now.

I cracked a shoulder in a bicycle accident going across the railroad tracks. So I cracked this clavicle in two. Jared [my trainer] has helped me lift under a supervised program. He does great. We do it twice a week. He gets here bright and early between 7:30-8:00 and we lift about an hour.

I really see a real significant difference in my upper body development. I feel a lot healthier, I feel a lot stronger. I’m a type-A senior citizen trying to grow up at the age of 66. I saw a sign the other day that says, “If you’re over 50 and you haven’t grown up, you don’t have to,” so I’m believing that. I love to be athletic. I love to be exercising regularly.

Also I like to eat well so one of the things I’ve been doing very religiously is after I work out I do these protein shakes. I typically do a protein shake for morning after I work out. I put in strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, oranges, the protein mix, ginger and mint. I love those. I do those typically for breakfast and dinner, then I eat a good lunch.

My energy level is great. I’m a type-A to the tenth power so it’s been wonderful. I’ve really gained a lot, I enjoy the people, I enjoy the lifestyle, I enjoy the discipline, and I enjoy the accountability. Jared comes and keeps me pretty focused on exercises that are continually keeping my body in good shape, and I appreciate it.

I like this regimen I’m in. I like the lifting. I like the muscle mass I’m building. I like the tone. I’m not really out for bulk. I’m really out for just health. It keeps me young. I love to work. I’m a recovering workaholic, doing a lot better. I went from 100 hours to maybe 50 hours a week.

I’ve got 6 kids and they need a dad, they need a granddad (8 grand kids.) It’s lots of fun. I have fun with my workout. Jared’s a great guy to work with and I really appreciate the program, the uniformity of the program, the consistency of the program.

What I really enjoy about the program is it’s really allowed me to really have a sharp mind, a lot of energy, requires less sleep. I live my life as I don’t want to leave anything on the table. I like going max all the way out. That’s one of the things I really enjoy, is living a full life, impacting people and impacting young people. That’s significant to me.

I’m real involved in some ministries over in Africa. When I work hard, it gives me an opportunity to make a difference in South America and Africa–these are things I really care about so it’s just fun. Between the grand kids and my ministry activities, I have tons of fun and I enjoy my work as well.

I never thought I would need a personal trainer. I’m an athlete. I’ve been doing sports since I’ve been 14, heavy sports. I started playing golf when I was 8 but I started really being athletic at the age of 14, like very competitive sports.

Matter of fact, I even had a certain disdain for those friends of mine who were a little overweight that got trainers. I thought, “Man, they just don’t have the discipline.” But what I’ve learned is, I didn’t have the intellectual and educational foundation for what I did.

12Dec2015_Client_Bruce-Jared Bruce (right) with his personal trainer, Jared.

I was captain of my sports teams in college and prep school; notwithstanding I did not know all the new things that people are teaching about sports. Jared has really studied physiology. He went to school. He studied the whole thing about training so he’s really good at that and I really do encourage [hiring a personal trainer].

It’s a sizable investment, it’s not cheap, but at the end of the day, our bodies [indiscernible], which we know, so as a consequence, I really think taking care of our bodies, there’s probably very few things that are more important.

I’m a grandfather of 8, getting ready for 9…had my 8th grandchild about 3 weeks ago. My kids need me. My grand kids need me. I’m a much better grandfather than I was a father as a recovering workaholic. But it’s fun and I think getting a trainer will really create a continuity in your life.

It will put a discipline in your life. It will teach you a way to be consistent and teach you a methodology for developing your muscles. There are certain things I just never did. I was an athlete. I was a runner and my lower body was very developed. My upper body wasn’t that developed in the sports I played because I didn’t need to.

But it’s been really helpful to me. It’s been a wonderful experience so I would really encourage, without any reservations. It’s an investment, but it’s an investment in one of the most important things you can invest in, in my opinion.

I can recommend them [New Wave Fitness] wholeheartedly without any reservations. I’m very thankful and appreciative and that’s why I’ve kept this up. How long have we been doing this, Jared? Over a year, right?

Jared: Yes, sir.

Bruce: Yeah, so I enjoy it. The regularity of it is good. Jared tries to be flexible around my schedule. I travel some. We go around the country buying investments in office, retail and multi-family, so I’m on a plane every now and then and Jared kind of works through that with me, and I appreciate that.