Best Shape of My Life


Ian: Elisa and Andy, where are you guys both from?

Andy: I’ve moved all over. We’ve been here for 9 months?

Elisa: Yeah, 9 months.

Ian: Nine months in Texas?

Andy: In Texas.

Ian: Wow, and where from…

Andy: Before that, Atlanta.

Ian: Atlanta? Great. So southern roots or northern roots…?

Andy: England, Chicago, Michigan, Florida, New York.

Ian: All over. So you’ve got a good little tenure there across the United States.

Andy: Yeah.

Ian: That’s awesome.

Elisa: Our health kind of has been up and down. As you heard we move from place to place a lot, and that creates a challenge quite often in really managing your overall health.

We moved back to America—we’ve been back here now for about 6 years—and we watched our weight go this way. From then, we really thought, We love to cook so we know how to cook healthy, but we really needed someone to kick-start us and get us moving in the right direction.

(You may be able to see this, you may not)…we set goals for ourselves back in August and we realized, come September, that we needed to reach out to a company that could really push us to the next level.

Andy: I think it was two intense jobs, a fair amount of travel between the two of us, we love good food and good drink, and probably were just fatigued. I think Elisa said it well—we needed the kick start.

Elisa: I think another big step/change for us, which has made a difference, is both of us have been members of gyms. Throughout the years I’ve had a lot of personal trainers, but I’ve always had personal trainers in a gym environment.

We never had a fitness center in our home. We were not sure about it at first and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. It really has made an absolute difference because you have no excuses, you have no reason not to go across the street or down the road or whatever; it’s right here, it’s right in your home.

Andy: It takes away that step. Sometimes it’s just too big of a step.

Elisa: It takes away all the excuses! There’s no excuses.

Ian: No excuses and pretty hard not to stay accountable when someone is knocking on your door going, “Time to work out.”04Apr2016_Dustin-Elisa-Andy

Andy: And Dustin, I think, over time has also taught us and continues to teach us and push us in the right way where we’re safe, but definitely making progress too.

Elisa: I think what we really wanted to see was, would we get a return on investment and value for money.

So were we skeptical about the company or your capabilities? No, because quite frankly, both of us do a lot of interviewing and we do our homework before we decide who we’re going to work with, so we did our homework.

But you can do all the homework you want; it’s really, Am I going to get a return on that investment?

Ian: Tell me a little bit about the specific results you’ve achieved up to this point in your program.

Andy: I’m in the best shape of my life. I really am. I’ve come off of knee injuries, back injuries, so forth, and what I can do now is unparalleled from any time. I was classified, if you would look at body fat, as obese. Now I’m well into average, going towards even better than that.

My strength in every single category has over tripled from the start and getting close to four times. I’ve probably lost 25 pounds of body fat, gained muscle. Not as much worried probably about the scale as I used to be, but more of the mix of the composition. So life is good.

One, it is an investment. Two, you’ve got to be committed. Three, if you can do those two things, don’t hesitate.

Andy – started at 30% body fat and is now down to 19%!!


Elisa – started at 25% body fat and is now down to to 15%!!