Be Smart (and Fit) Like Robert


Robert: I’m Robert; I guess you’d say I’m from Dallas since I’ve been here for 40-something years. I’m a native-born Texan. Since about 1980, I’ve engaged in training off and on for all my life basically, since then, but I’d grown tired of my own training regimen and had quit for a while and decided to start back up again. That’s when we got together with Hut and signed up to try this out.

We bought a piece of equipment from Busy Body. Hut came over and talked to us about doing a little more with our physical fitness regimen and we decided to sign up with them, just to see if it would help us. We were bored with the way we were doing our training.

I thought you could help me; I was just worried that…I didn’t know how much you could help me. I wanted a different direction and I knew I was just tired of the way I trained.

Ian: Awesome, and tell us a little bit about your specific results, like weight loss, endurance increase, have we improved the golf game at all…02 Feb 2016 Client Robert

Robert: The golf game is still a work in progress, but I think my overall fitness is better. I’ve learned a lot of new exercises that I never practiced before, and that’s been very good for me. My overall strength is better. That’s one of the great reasons why I like doing this.

I’m getting older now so small things mean a lot more to me. I still enjoy being in shape and I still enjoy trying to get my core…which I never worked very hard on my core before and that’s been a big thing for me, is to have a better core. It’s helped my golf game, I know, but it’s going to help it more if I ever start playing more golf.

I especially think it’s good for someone that is overweight—it’s something that will really try to get your weight under control. I haven’t had much problem with keeping my weight down, but just the fitness part of it is the part I really enjoy.