April 2015 Fitness Success Story – Sima

Sima: My name is Sima and I’m from Irving, Texas. Honestly, before, I worked out a lot. I did boot camps, I went to the gym. Then when I got pregnant and after I had my first child, it kind of just hit a low. I had no energy. I was tired all the time.

There was no way I could get to the gym and I thought that was my option and that was it. Then, my husband, for my birthday, found you guys so that changed my whole life.

It was a surprise, it was a birthday gift. I think he just looked online and found trainers that could come to your house, because he’s more about having it come to us than us going to them, so it worked out perfectly.

I think one was time; it was just trying to find the same time. Those who have children know that it’s never predictable even though how much scheduling you put your child on, it never works out.

Then by the time you get that free time, you’re just tired and you just want to sit. It was hard finding that time, most important, that was for me. I kind of just had really low energy and I couldn’t get it up for some reason so I knew getting back in was going to be the hardest part, so I needed help in that sense.

Hut: So after meeting with us, were you skeptical that our program could be of help?

Sima: It was the timing—the mornings—because I am not a morning person at all! So I was just like, “How am I going to get up? This is not going to work,” in terms of, I won’t be able to do it.

But when it’s 6:30 and Cameron is like, “Hey, I’m on my way,” I’m like, Man, I feel bad to cancel on him so I’m like, Oh, I’ll just do it. It’s nice to have him come to the door. Once we get into it, then I’m like pumping it out.

Immediately I saw…my energy levels went up. I started seeing muscles. I started feeling my mood was better. I think that was a big thing. I was more positive.

Weight loss, definitely. Stamina was a big thing. Before I think I was only able to do like 10 push-ups and now I can pump out like 25 or 30. It’s easy. So I think those are the two big things. And I just can see the definition in my legs and my arms.

Sima, her trainer Cameron, and her son.

Hut: Great. And of course you didn’t have too much weight to lose, so how much weight did you end up losing?

Sima: I think I lost about 10 pounds. But now I’m pregnant again so that’s going to change! I plan to stay with Cameron and he’s modifying my moves. Hopefully this will keep me in shape so when I do have my second child, it won’t be as hard to lose my weight.

It kind of built into a routine; it’s like brushing my teeth. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I know Cameron is coming over, it’s just a done deal, I work around him. After that one hour I’m done and that’s it.

I don’t have to worry about, “I need to get in a walk, I need to go do this to get active.” It’s nice.

I would put New Wave differently because I’ve had personal trainers at the gym and it’s different because you have to go there. New Wave brings another step to it, which is easy for us. We’re home. They’re at your door, they’re there to help.

That hardest part of working out is actually doing it or getting started and New Wave kind of just takes that out because they just come to your door and you’re kind of faced with them. It’s like, “Okay, fine,” you know, you’ve got to do it. But then after you do it, you feel so good.

I’ve been with you guys since August [2014] and I plan to stay with you guys until even after I have my second kid. It’s a routine now. You guys are part of my routine.