Personal Training in Plano: A New You in 12 Weeks

New Wave Fitness is an in-home personal training company. How much better is an in-home personal trainer? Consider how serious the training would be with the trainer coming to you. You do not wake up and say to yourself, “Ugh, I’m so not going to the gym today,” or make up any other excuses to not go and work out.

Within 12 weeks, Shawn lost 18 pounds of fat and was taken off of diabetes medication.

Meet Shawn from Plano, Texas. He has a desk job that resulted in a sedentary lifestyle. He was working long hours and dining out more than normal. This lifestyle led to Shawn developing diabetes. He had become out of shape and with that, along with the diabetes, had started to lose some of his self-esteem.

Shawn was using diet and cardio exercise on his own. He was good at sticking to a plan and achieving his goal weight but it was really a yo-yo cycle. He would achieve his goal and then revert to “unhealthy habits.” That’s when Shawn knew he had to get serious about his health. He hired a personal trainer through New Wave Fitness. His results were encouraging. Within 12 weeks he lost “18 pounds of fat.” His breathing was less labored, he started sleeping better, and his self-esteem improved.

What part of Shawn’s story speaks to you? Is it the weight loss, the improved health, the increased self-esteem? Shawn’s personal trainer helped him focus on his overall health. And part of that program, doing the training in-home versus at a gym, allows the trainer to see what you are doing at home, what you are keeping in the refrigerator, what daily habits you are ascribing to.

If you are unsure if a personal trainer is right for you, take advantage of New Wave Fitness’ free in-home fitness and weight-loss diagnostic consultation.

Let your in-home personal trainer guide you to making healthy lifestyle choices. Scrap your crazy-diet plans. Forget about fad diets. Embrace a healthy, new you!

 A new you - thanks to a personal trainer in Plano