Personal Training in Frisco: My Personal Trainer Helped Me Focus on Increasing My Strength and Energy

Jon took advantage of personal training in Frisco. He was rather a newbie to the whole idea. He wasn’t into working out. He didn’t go to the gym. He was trying to be active, playing basketball from time to time. But he knew he was out of shape. It was especially discouraging to him because he would play for 5 minutes and be exhausted or he’d get tired from taking stairs. His endurance was pretty minimal at that point. That’s when he reached out to New Wave Fitness.

Now this was going to be a brand new endeavor for him. He hadn’t done any kind of formal training before but he was willing to give it a go and see what happened. He was amazed with his results, not only the weight loss and muscle gain, but his stamina improved. At the beginning of the process, his one-mile test left him feeling like he was “going to die.” Just 6 weeks later and he had shaved off two minutes from his time and his endurance was significantly improved.

Personal Training in Frisco
Another area of improvement was with planks. In the beginning he could do about 20 seconds only. Six weeks later he could do three sets of planks for 90 seconds each, back to back. That is huge—it’s a 300% improvement in just six weeks.

Jon appreciates no longer being exhausted by simple things, like taking the stairs. His energy and stamina have spilled over into other areas as well. Now he wakes up early and doesn’t feel tired right off the bat. He’s feeling so much healthier.

One trick he found is working out at lunch time. It prevents him from getting tired in the afternoons. That’s a huge change from five minutes of basketball exhausting him, to doing a full workout over lunch for increased energy.

Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from being your best. Take a chance at being healthier by considering a personal trainer. It’s not for everyone, but far more individuals benefit from the one-on-one attention provided by an in-home personal trainer than not.

Let New Wave Fitness bring you back from exhaustion and on your way to a life full of energy!