November 2014 Fitness Success Story – Mia

“I’m Mia in Frisco, Texas. My workout life was pretty much nonexistent at the time, for many years actually. I had been engrossed in my career and being a mom, and not really taking good care of myself.

I had a life change where I stopped working and could dedicate some time to myself and put myself first. Plus we moved into a new home with a workout room and bought some new equipment. That’s how we got to know you and you were a motivator for me to do some in-home training.

I had run for many years. Twenty years ago I trained quite extensively so I think I had a foundation but couldn’t really build on that because I wasn’t dedicating any time to it. So an occasional workout here or there, trying to monitor my nutrition (I’m saying that very loosely—so not a lot.)

Actually it helped put some focus in my life. I think you guys did a good job of showing me what your program is about and demonstrating what some of the results have been. Once I put my mind to it, I was good to go.

After 10 weeks I have lost about 11 inches total and reduced my body fat by 5%. I increased my strength in the strength-training regime and really did a lot more to improve my metabolism through some of the circuit-training things that Ian’s done for me.

I’m just overall feeling a lot better and looking better—my clothes are fitting a lot better as well. It’s become part of my lifestyle again and that feels good because it has been absent for so long.

I know I can stay with it, particularly since I’ve rededicated my time to focusing on myself, so that feels good. My overall health and well-being and self-esteem and motivation about taking care of myself has improved a lot too.

If they are more mature, like myself, I’d say don’t wait. Go ahead and do it. Certainly New Wave Fitness has the staff to be able to motivate and encourage someone to be successful in their program.”