Lifespan Treadmill Desk

Watch Craig & Hut’s video review of the ultimate “get off your butt” activity for home or office:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters.

Craig: Hola! How are you?

Hut: I’m good, man, how are you doing?

Craig: Good. I’m doing good. I said hola only because he just came back from Cabo, trying to get into the swing, and you’re incredibly tan.

Hut: Yes.

Craig: And he looks really, really good. You make me look even pastier than I already am.

Hut: It takes me like two seconds to get dark if I stand out in the sun.

Craig: That’s not cool. That’s not cool at all. Have you seen him? Look how tan…

Hut: No! No!

Craig: I’m just saying, man, it’s crazy. All right, we’ve got to get to business.

Hut: I don’t want to show them all that.

Craig: There’s like 6% left on the recorder.

Hut: I know, we’ve got to fix this thing up.

Craig: All right.

Hut: So in the past, I did an equipment of the month video with a stand-up desk where you just stand up and work. So here at Fitness Headquarters in Frisco we actually have a stand-up desk plus…

Craig: Treadmill, baby!

Hut: What?

Craig: Yeah, so you can work out at the same time as answering a phone call or being on the computer, surfing the web, whatever it is you’re trying to do. A lot of people are doing this. We sell a ton of desk treadmills.

Hut: Yes, I’ve done a few demos on those.

Craig: Burn a lot of calories. Everyone has got their little activity meters now. It’s  unbelievable, you get on this thing and you’ll hit your activity level.

Hut: Yeah, I got the new iWatch, which is crazy. You can track all of that.

Craig: It’ll work with that–that’s what’s great. It’s pretty cool to just be able to monitor it all but the big thing which is nice on this treadmill desk is that you can get on it, hit the start button. It’s really simple. All you have to do is adjust the speed, really easy, and you can just stand here. It’s not going to shoot off at 10 miles an hour. You’re going to get on this thing and it’s going to keep between 0 and 4 miles an hour; that’s the fastest it goes.

Hut: You don’t want it any faster than that.

Craig: You’re not going to run and be on the phone or run and check your emails. You can adjust this up to do a nice, brisk walk while you’re on there, and here you are. Another cool thing is this is completely adjustable so depending on how tall or short you are, you can adjust it really easily. But here you are, you’re right here, this is perfect. You’re on the computer, you’re checking emails. I think a lot of people think like when you walk that you can’t do this other stuff, but…

Hut: You can.

Craig: My eyes aren’t moving, it’s really simple.

Hut: So it takes the stand-up desk to a whole nother level.

Craig: It does. The stand-up desk is cool and I would still rather people be standing than sitting, that goes without saying, so if that’s maybe the start for someone, great, but if we can go to that next level with actually having you walk while you’re doing it… Because 65% of the day is spent on the phone, doing your work, on the computer, so you could just be doing this. It makes a lot of sense. The other thing is, people are worried that they’re noisy, but listen to it.

Hut: You can’t hear it.

Craig: Whisper-whisper-quiet, so that makes a big difference too. These things are pretty awesome.

Hut: And the thing about it is if you don’t want the treadmill going, you can still use it as a stand-up desk.

Craig: Absolutely.

Hut: And just turn it on whenever you want to get a little extra cardio in.

Craig: If you don’t physically want it to move, fine, you don’t have to have it move. But even if you’re one mile an hour, it really makes a big difference. It’s been amazing. This has taken off in homes and we’re selling them to a lot of commercial facilities.10_Oct_2015_Lifespan-Treadmill-Desk-Review

Hut: I think everybody is trying to find ways to burn more calories, how can I be more active throughout the day, especially if I have a desk job? You’ve got to find unique ways of doing that and I think this piece of equipment addresses that.

Craig: Everybody is busy. We’ve all got our schedules and it’s hard sometimes to make that time to get your workout in. I was talking to a family earlier today. The wife is a teacher and she’s there from 6:45 in the morning all the way until 4:00, then she’s got to pick up her kids, then put dinner on the table. By that time it’s 9:00. She literally doesn’t have any energy to do the workout. If you had something like this where she could come home and maybe say, “Hey, I’m going to walk on this while answering a few emails while the kids are playing,” at least you get something.

Hut: What people don’t realize is that what you call “get off your butt” activity, the more you do of that, it does go a long way.

Craig: I think it’s interesting that when you do something like this (and people don’t think about this), when you are on the treadmill and you’re responding to emails, or get on a conference call, get on a phone call with your buddy and walk on the treadmill when you’re on the phone, you are on. You’re responding, you’re quick. It’s amazing, it changes your energy level. Obviously it changes something chemically in your brain to get everything to fire quicker. I don’t know if it’s an endorphin thing.

Hut: Oxygen, blood flow, all of that.

Craig: It makes a big difference. I think that’s a huge benefit as well.

Hut: Plus you’re protecting that back, building that core up, all those things, rather than just sitting and putting all of that stress on your spine, gut and internal organs. It makes a big difference.

Craig: I don’t think there’s any benefit to sitting.

Hut: No. We need to be standing, just like we are right now.

Craig: On a desk treadmill.

Hut: We’re standing doing this. We could be sitting down doing this.

Craig: I know. We should be on the treadmill walking while we’re doing this, on treadmills next to each other. That’s what we should be doing.

Hut: Awesome.

Craig: So this is made by Lifespan and we have them in our Fitness Headquarters stores. They are amazing. We sell a lot. Just another great way to work out. Put this in there instead of a big, traditional desk you’re going to sit behind.

Hut: Absolutely. If you want to check out the Lifespan, come to all the Fitness Headquarters locations. We’ll have info at the end of this video. Come check it out, along with all the other equipment. There’s a ton of great stuff at Fitness Headquarters.

Craig: And us.

Hut: You may see us at one of these stores. All right, we’ll see you next month, so take care.

Craig: Adios. Good to see you, Hut.

Hut: All right, man.

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