Lab-Based Nutrition Case Study: Kristi L

Get ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, even if you think you’re too old!

Kristi L. from Frisco, TX was experiencing chronic low energy, brain fog, no motivation to work out, a poor diet, weight gain, fatigue, and bloating, especially after specific meals. She tried lots of different things to try and solve these issues, with no success.

Then she decided to try Lab-Based Nutrition. See what her results were just from taking a simple blood test:

Hut: Where are you from originally?

Kristi:  South Carolina.

Hut:     All right. I just want to make sure we get that out of the way because we both have accents. I want to make sure people know where those accents come from.

Kristi:  Right, right.

Hut:     Before you began working with us, going through our Lab-Based Nutrition program, tell me some of the symptoms you were struggling with—things you noticed that were causing you problems.

Kristi:  Lack of energy, brain fog, just no motivation to work out, poor diet, weight gain, fatigue.

Hut:     How about gut and…?

Kristi:  Yes, definitely a lot of bloating, and after specific meals.

Hut:     You noticed just that ongoing bloatiness?

Kristi:  Right, right.

Hut:     What were you doing to try to solve that?

Kristi:  As far as the bloating, just process of elimination to figure out what was causing it. Other than that, just any kind of fad diet or workout that I thought would benefit.

Hut:     Got it. So you felt like if you just eliminated certain foods, made some course corrections, did a diet, that that hopefully would eliminate the problem?

Kristi:  Right, right.

Hut:     And you weren’t having much success with that?

Kristi:  No, not at all.

Hut:     I sat down with you initially and we did the consultation and you decided that you wanted to move forward with the Lab-Based Nutrition program. Let’s talk a little bit about what we were able to identify, which really relates to the symptoms that we’re talking about.

So that’s a ton of information we were able to identify in our labs we got after you did your Cardio ION and IgG Food Allergy. When you got those results back and we went through those, and Dan went through those line item by line item, tell me, what was that experience like?

Kristi:  It just all made sense. When we went through all the diagrams to show what you’re lacking and how that causes the symptoms, it was like a light went off. It definitely made sense. Then when I started the supplements, I could definitely tell a big difference. It just answered a lot of questions and it takes the stress off trying to figure out what’s going on on your own.

Hut: Do you feel like you could figure all of this out on your own?

Kristi:  No, definitely not.

Hut: I think that’s one thing that we want to really bring to light. You just don’t know what you don’t know.

Kristi:  Right.

Hut: Without this type of information, one, knowing what the problem is but then, two, knowing what you have to do to solve that problem, you just don’t know it. Most people will spend their entire life trying to solve these problems and they can’t.

Kristi: And the way he explains it and spends the time on the consultation and going through everything, it totally makes sense.

Hut: And at no point you felt confused or like it was over your head?

Kristi:  No, not at all.

Hut: I think that’s one thing that we want people to understand. You’re going to have clarity.

Kristi:  Right.

Hut: I think that’s the biggest thing. Your energy and focus goes to a completely different level because now you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Kristi:  Right.

Hut: Let’s talk about the meal program. We figured out what the problem was, we figured out what we needed to do, so we had your meal plan laid out for you and your supplement program laid out specific to what was going on here. Tell me about that process. What was it like making that transition into that meal program?

Kristi:  It looks like it’s going to be hard but once you start it, it’s not. You just have to figure out what you need to do, plan a day for your meals for the week. Once you do that and get into the habit of doing it, you want to do it because it makes you feel better when you do it.

Hut: Exactly. Do you feel like the motivation is higher when you know you have a program built for you?

Kristi:  Definitely.

Hut: When you’re sitting down and you know this plan will solve all the problems you have going on because you’ve got it all in front of your face, that energy and focus—totally different level.

Kristi:  Right. Just the difference that I felt when I made the changes makes me want to stick to it.

Hut: Gotcha! Let’s talk about that. All of these things we’re running into, where would you say, on a scale from 1 to 10—10 being you’ve eliminated all these issues and 1 being we didn’t accomplish anything. Where would you say you are on that scale?

Kristi:  I would say I’m a 7 or 8.

Hut: That’s good.

Kristi:  Yes.

Hut: What would you say the biggest change has been with the changes?

Kristi:  I think my energy level and just now that I’m working out again, how hard I’m able to push myself when I am working out.

Hut: That’s a good point. You feel like you’re recovering better?

Kristi:  Yes, a lot of times I was just going through the motions but now I’m really pushing myself harder when I work out.

Hut: Got it! Do you feel like this is something you could do for the next year, two years, et cetera?

Kristi:  Yes. I feel like I can because I don’t feel like it’s a diet you’re doing temporarily. It’s a lifestyle change you’re doing that you definitely feel a difference doing.

Hut: You really have to get healthy before you can get fit.

Kristi:  Right.

Hut: I think people think they have to lose weight and get in shape to get healthy but that’s not the case. If your body’s inflamed and your body’s fighting against itself, you’re going to add additional stress to it and you’re just going to fall off the cliff.

Kristi:  Right.

Hut: What would you say to that person who is on the fence on getting this type of support? And would you call this a world-class program?

Kristi: Definitely, I would. I would just tell them to not be skeptical, to do it because you can’t spend too much money to be healthy. Nothing else they do can give the information that this can give to them.

Hut: Absolutely. I think that’s a good point. Yes, you’re making this initial investment but how many years of trying to solve this problem would you be going through if you didn’t get the same information and this valuable program.

Kristi:  Right.


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