Lab-Based Nutrition Case Study: Shari S

Get ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, even if you think you’re too old!

After experimenting on her own to try and figure out what was right for her physiology, Shari S from Dallas decided she wanted to see real results with no guesswork…and no more prescriptions used as a band-aid to cover up the root cause of her internal issues.

So she decided to try Lab-Based Nutrition. See what her results were just from taking a simple blood test:

Shari: Shari S—Dallas, Texas.

Hut: Dallas, Texas. How long have you been in Dallas?

Shari: I’ve been in Dallas since ’89. I always knew how to work out. I knew what to do. I had the dedication but I did learn how many things I was doing wrong—the things that I could change that did help, they’d improve everything I was doing. With knowing the ways to eat and just changing just a few things of what I ate is how it helped me tremendously to even have more strength, more energy, everything to drive further into what I was doing.

Hut: Good.

Shari: The labs that I would get before never describe what you needed to change. It was like they added a pill of whatever to change what they saw in your bloodwork was wrong, not how you could change by changing your foods or changing the way you did stuff to improve. It was always a band-aid of something else to compensate for that.

Hut: So you’d get the labs, they would just say, “These are the results,” but they didn’t really know how to go turn those results and make them positive. It’s more about, “Hey, take this pill,” “Take this specific medication,” or “Take this…” whatever it may be, but it wasn’t how can I turn that into a positive.

Shari: Right. It was always just a letdown of, okay, now you know what things that are wrong or not the best for you but yet they never gave you the answers on how to fix it. I always knew something was low or you needed to improve or take more vitamin something. It was always that kind of thing but it was never a follow-up as to see did it improve. They would just do labs again of just basic things that…

Hut: Yeah, like were there any changes?

Shari: Right.

Hut: Without any action plan.

Shari: Right. Once I did this Lab-Based [Nutrition] and I did get what foods were wrong and then change the foods that I thought were good for me and working for me and were helping…when I changed that, it was crazy to know how much of an improvement of just changing the foods you thought were good.

Hut: So let’s talk about… After we got the labs, what we noticed, what we needed to go improve. I’ve got a list right here. You had all those markers going on.

Shari: And I thought I was eating right.

Hut: Yes, exactly. Well, I know when you got your IgG food antibody, you’re sensitive to broccoli, grilled chicken, rice, oatmeal. What were you eating every day?

Shari: Chicken, broccoli, asparagus, all of it.

Hut: That’s a good point. Now not everybody has the sensitivities that we have. The first time I had my IgG food antibody, I had a ton of sensitivities but I’ve had allergies my entire life. It’s always been a problem. My physiology gets that. You’re kind of the same way. Not all people have those types of sensitivities but when you do have those sensitivities and you eliminate those foods, you can tell almost instantly just the improvement in inflammation and water retention and energy. Would you agree with that?

Shari: Yes, the bloating, the energy level of how that food was draining you. Again, you thought you were eating properly. I was always in shape so it wasn’t weight loss I was trying to do. You just wanted to improve your everyday function more so than weight loss and just to change not eating broccoli or oatmeal, again, to know you can feel that much better, I just was unaware.

Hut: Yes.

Shari: It didn’t matter how many blood tests and all this stuff that I had done prior. This taught me how to change what I was eating.

Hut: And it was more than just the food sensitivity. It’s the Cardio Ion, which has really helped us to identify a tremendous amount of information that we were able to make course corrections, like real time. So you’ve gone through a lot of nutrition programs, you’ve had labs done. Do you think it’s a game changer when you can work with a company and you work with a world-class coach like Dan, that can read labs that affects your performance, but not just read them, go build out an action plan for you and give you that clarity that you need to take your energy and focus and go do that. How valuable is that?

Shari: Absolutely the most valuable. The one thing about him was that it wasn’t just read over your labs and tell you this is what it is. He spent over two hours with me on the phone explaining everything and told me if I have questions, get with him. So he was very helpful and tried to make sure you understood everything that he was telling you. When he’s explaining things like that, it’s very confusing when you don’t know what these things are.

Hut: Exactly. But when you got off that call, did you have clarity?

Shari: Oh, it was great.

Hut: Was it crystal clear what you were doing and why you were doing it?

Shari: It was a lot overwhelming of, wow, just what you learned in that couple hours and what you were doing wrong that you thought you were doing so right. But, yes, that’s when you started to really look at things, go over what you ate, look over the plan that he made you of eating and I was ready to go. I was ready to put it all together and see where it took me. Within a week, week and a half of just changing everything, it was amazing the transformation of how I felt and just the excitement of getting up and the energy and not feeling bloated, out of just those few changes. I’m ready to learn more and more. But I know that everything with what was put together and what I have learned, it’s amazing to look back at what I thought I knew.

Hut: So on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put it?

Shari: Oh, definitely a 10.

Hut: A 10? Great! That’s what I like. I like 10s. Do you feel that you have finally found the answers for your nutrition? Have you finally found a place that you know where you can go to get the answers you need to achieve optimal health and fitness?

Shari: Yes, yes. And everybody has been… There’s not one person that you could pick out in this group, that y’all have, that you could ever not feel like you could go to. There are numerous…

Hut: Great. It’s a team.

Shari: Positive team.

Hut: The thing is, what people don’t understand is there’s a tremendous amount of work of setting this stuff up and working with the labs, getting those fulfilled, managing the whole process. We take that out of your hands. At any point, did you feel like we didn’t take care of business?

Shari: No. No, everything was done. Any questions I had, I would call and it was always taken care of. If you’ve been hesitating, don’t. You need to jump in and do it. It’ll be the best thing that you’ve ever done. It has absolutely changed everything about how I look at things, how I’m eating, how I’m doing things differently. Go for it! It will definitely help.

Hut: This is big for Shari. She doesn’t like to do video interviews but you felt very strongly about this program so you wanted to get that message out.

Shari: It’s helped me a lot, definitely.

Hut: All right, great. Appreciate it.

Shari: Thanks, Hut.