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Flower Mound, TX – Desperation! Are you at that point yet? Have you ever been there, especially when it comes to losing weight? It’s easy when we’re young, but as we age, losing weight can seem to be a losing battle. But you can win…

1.) Get help. Obviously if everything you have tried so far has failed (or works for a short time and then you fall off the wagon), you need help. Look for a certified personal trainer. Even better, find an in-home personal trainer who will travel to you and provide an exercise and nutrition program.

2.) Stick to it. No, your way is not better than what your personal trainer recommends. If it were, you would be at your goal by now and would not need any help. Stick to the program your trainer outlines for you and don’t deviate, thinking you know better…because you don’t. Quit fooling yourself.

3.) Cheating is not allowed. Just because you think you are sneaking those donuts in secret, “My trainer will never know,” the scale is a tattletale. Think of the extra sugar, carbs, salt, and just plain no-good you are eating and how it will affect your body, especially when you are trying to clean out the junk.

4.) Celebrate short-term goals. Rewarding yourself for wins is vital to your success. Did you lose 2 pounds this week? Win! Find a way to reward yourself that doesn’t involve food. Go to a movie. Spend time with a friend. Buy yourself the shoes you’ve been eyeballing.

5.) Share your story. Your personal trainer will keep you accountable, but if you share your story with friends, think of how much your circle of encouragement will grow. Post before, during, and after pictures on social media. Brag about your wins, but share the downfalls too, and there will always be someone to pick you up.

Now you see how you can be a winner when it comes to getting your weight under control. But as you see, it’s not all on the personal trainer; you will have to do a lot of work too. It’s totally worth it though! Check out the stories of these two ladies. They have been through it too, but are now living life slimmer, healthier and happier.

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