Stress. Frustration. Anger. KO.

Nexsys NXSStress. Frustration. Anger. Life. We all experience it. Some more than others.

One of the best ways to deal is to vent, get it off your chest, knock it out…and have we got the perfect stress-reliever, frustration-fighter, anger-buster to show you.

Watch as Craig Lewin and Hut Allred review another great piece of fitness equipment that’s perfect for your home gym:

Hut: This is Hut Allred of New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness HQ. How are you doing today?

Craig: Good, man. How are you?

Hut: I heard you had a late night last night?

Craig: Yes, my kid kept me up from 2:00 to 6:00 in the morning with a little cough and fever. It was crazy. When you have four boys, it’s always something.

Hut: Craig called me this morning about 8:00 and he was like, “I’ve been up all night,” so I was expecting him to cancel our meeting.

Craig: Not me! I’m going to stick with it. I’m going to keep going. I don’t feel like I’m here right now but we’re going to work through it.

Hut: All right, good. We’ve got a piece of equipment that’s a little unique. Tell us a little bit about it.

Craig: I’m excited to show you guys this. This is amazing. Nexersys is the company that does that. It stands for Next Exercise Equipment System. These guys are unbelievable. What it is is a full-blown interval training system. You talk about getting your heartrate up? This thing will absolutely skyrocket your heartrate and will shed those calories, burn that fat like there is no tomorrow. It’s incredible.

These guys are out of Austin, which is kind of cool. They’re local guys, which is really sweet. Let me show you a little bit of what this thing can do. You guys are looking at it and you obviously can tell it’s something you get to beat up on a little bit, which is great. Tim, if you’ll come in here for a second. Tim’s our videographer in case you didn’t know. There’s always someone good behind the scenes. If you saw him, you’d see how good-looking he was too.

If you come in on here like this, you’ll see I can literally go in here, just to show you guys, and I can tell it what I want to do. I can go in and put my name and then you can go in and tell it whether you want to do this training or if you want to do avatar stuff. Check this out. I want to show you guys something so you can see how it works.

You can go also onto our website and check it out— We’ve got it on there. Look at this! [Plays audio] It’s really incredible. They’ll actually walk you through a full-on workout on the entire machine, which is awesome. It will tell you to hit here, hit here, do burpees, do jumping jacks, get back in there and do push-ups. It’s a whole entire system, which is really incredible. So that’s something that’s really cool.

The other thing they’ve got built in here, too, besides just following him and doing a full-blown exercise deal is if you want to you can do something called avatar training. What avatar training does is it actually lets you go in here and beat this guy up if you want. This is really amazing.

You can tell it how many rounds you want to do, whether you’re beginner or intermediate and you can tell it whether you’re a regular boxer or if you want to go to the left-hand side, what they call a south paw.

Tim, if you’ll back up for a second. I’m about to go wild on this thing. Here’s what’s really awesome. You can hit here and it will start. I don’t know if you can see this avatar thing in the middle there. I know I just told you to back out but there’s a man standing there. You can see that man, right? Kind of cool. Watch what happens when I punch him. Check this out!

If I punch him, boom! Isn’t that cool. You can go in here and you can punch this guy. You can beat him up. [Craig boxing] You can kick! Oh, look! I got my shoelace caught on there. See that? That’s how aggressive I got, man. My shoelace even got caught on the damn thing. These things are amazing. You can really beat it up, get your heart rate up and get an incredible workout. They’re awesome, man. These machines are incredible.

Hut: Great. It’s interactive. You’re involved. Again, it makes time pass by because you’re engaged in the cardio workout, which is awesome. That’s great.

Craig: It’s really cool. It’s a cool system. It has a lot of variety.

Hut: He needs to turn red after you beat him up like that.

Craig: He does. He actually does. That’s what’s cool about it. After a while, he turns red. One thing I told them I want them to add is I want him to get knocked out or I want him to fall to the ground. I want him to bleed a little bit.

Hut: You want to finish him off.

Craig: Yes. Nexersys, the cool thing about this system, is they’re working on those types of updates.

Hut: Great.

Craig: When somebody buys one, as they make updates like that or they change the character or they make him a little bit more 3D or they make it to where he can fall down or things like that, they’re constantly updating it so you can update yours with a USB stick. It’s simple.

Hut: That’s great. Where can folks come and check this out?

Craig: They can come into the Busy Body stores and the Fitness HQ stores. There are a couple of different levels. There’s a pro model and a home version model as well. There are two different kinds but they’re very similar, actually, in the software. What’s different is the beefiness of the frame, how beefy they really want it to be depending on who’s really using it in the family.

Hut: Yes.

Craig: That makes a big difference. Yes, they can come in the stores and check it out. Just come in and play with it. Do a demo. Just feel free to come in and check it out. There’s never any pressure from us. Just come in and play with the new toys. That’s what we do.

Hut: If you have any stress or you’re mad at your spouse, come on in and try this out. Check it out and, of course, all of the other equipment in all the stores. Look forward to seeing you next month. Thanks for watching today.