Review of Vectra 1450 Home Gym

It chops! It dices! It slices! It juliennes! Wait…wrong gadget.

This “gadget” by Vectra does it all too – and with a very small footprint. It even fits into the corner of your home gym.

See Craig do squats in Craig & Hut’s video review:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness. I’m here again with Mr. Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. How you doing, man?

Craig: I’m doing good. I was just thinking how lucky we are. It’s January the 20th….

Hut: I almost wore my shorts.

Craig: I’m wearing shorts. It’s amazing. Not that I should wear shorts with these legs but I’ll tell you, it feels good.

Hut: It does.

Craig: We’re spoiled down here in Dallas, Texas.

Hut: It feels great. We are. Tell me, how did the holiday seasons end up?

Craig: Things have been unbelievable. Stores have been incredibly busy. We’re seeing a surge of people more and more during this time of the year. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. Customers these days seem to be sticking with it.

Hut: Absolutely. It’s such a big part of everybody’s long-term vision and goals. I think people are starting to get an understanding that if they don’t invest in their health, the other direction is…

Craig: They’re not going to be around, right?

Hut: Yes.

Craig: We’re excited about it. People are definitely working out a lot more. I think they are making it like brushing their teeth, which is great. People all say the same thing when they do it—“I feel so much better.”

Hut: That’s what it’s all about. But it starts with having a good piece of equipment and the right plan. That’s what we’re here to talk about. Speaking of that, let’s talk about the Vectra Home Gym. I think we’ve done different Vectras in the past but this corner unit is definitely a staple.

Craig: I think that’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk about it today. The 1450 is a phenomenal unit from Vectra—very compact. There’s never an excuse that it won’t fit in your house. It can go in a corner, which is great. It doesn’t have to go in a corner but if you have a corner that’s really amazing because it kind of disappears in the room, which is awesome.

The biggest thing with this gym is that you get more exercises on a gym like this than you’ll find on any gym that’s out there, in a very compact footprint. What’s great is, it utilizes a real bench press, which we’re not used to seeing. I want to go through just a couple of exercises just to show you guys.

Hut: Absolutely.

Craig: Here’s what’s really cool about this gym. You can sit down here just like this, lay down…and I’m going to do a bench press. I can take this bar with this little handle and I can adjust it to wherever I want. I can take it and put it down here and boom! There’s my bench press.

Hut: Great.

Craig: What’s cool about it is if I want to go to an incline or a shoulder press, all I have to do is reach behind me, bring it up and it slides back. All of a sudden, I’m set up for inclines or even a shoulder press. I can take this up here, I can bring this all the way up, bring it back and now I’m automatically set up for shoulder. They’ve just made it really easy.

Hut: Very easy. Even on this you can do a decline as well.

Craig: I think that’s the other cool thing too. You can’t do decline on any of the gyms that are out there.

Hut: No.

Craig: This, you can decline it as well. Just to show you guys, all you have to do is bring this out, drop this down and pop this up, and that’s it. Now you’re set up for declines automatically, which is great.

Hut: Great.

Craig: You can get in here. This will hold your legs down, which is cool. Sit down, bring it down and there you go.

Hut: So you can hit all those different angles if you want to develop the chest, rear delts or triceps.

Craig: You can also do leg extensions right off the front—really easy.

Hut: You can do some little super sets there.

Craig: Yeah, it’d be exciting.

Hut: Yeah, that’s great.

Craig: I won’t do it. You guys will do it. Lay down leg curls as well. I don’t know if you noticed how easy that was but I just popped up real simple. Then you can lay down here and the boom! Straight away you’re set up for leg curls.

Hut: Perfect.

Craig: Also really smooth. I think leg curls are one of the hardest things to make feel good on any gym and they hit it.

Hut: Yes, really well.

Craig: It’s really cool.

Hut: How about squats?

Craig: That’s the other really cool thing. You see what Hut’s doing? He knows damn well I don’t want to do the squats and he’s like, “How about squats? Show everybody how to do squats!” That’s not cool! Hut’s right. You have squats that are built into the machine. What’s cool is you can utilize the bench here. You take this and bring it down.

Hut: Perfect position. Straight into your squats.

Craig: Maybe even calf raises.

Hut: We actually have a piece for that.

Craig: You do. You have a calf block that you can actually put on there as well, which is great. I can take this right here, break this up and I’ll show you guys how easy this is. We get this part right here out of the way and then I can put the calf block in right there. I can slide the bench out further, by the way, to give you more room. Vectra gave us a handle on the front, real easy.

Hut: Pull that sucker out.

Craig: Pull it out.

Hut: Yes, and the bad boy actually right there.

Craig: Perfect. What I’m going to do, just so the camera can see it, I’m going to just drop this all down so you can see what’s going on inside here. All I have to do is just get on here just like this.

Hut: Straight into your calf raises. You get that full range.

Craig: It’s pretty amazing. There are not many gyms out there that are like this that are this compact that still give you squats and calf raises, which is amazing.

Hut: And you can do more functional movements from a standing position with the cable.

Craig: That’s what’s cool—there’s a little pulley here. With the little pulley, I can do bicep curls, upright rows. It comes with a single handle so I can do lateral movements, which is great. Then you have another whole section.

Hut: You can a whole workout there.

Craig: Now, on the side here, I can get in here and I’ve got flies that are built into the machine. Nice and easy and it’s adjustable. That’s what’s so cool about Vectra is these adjust real easy. You can go from an upper position, a middle position or a lower position.

Hut: So you hit those different angles.

Craig: Yes. If I want to do pull-downs, boom!

Hut: Bam!

Craig: Right here, up on this. I can lock my legs down, which is really cool, grapples.

Hut: Look at you, you’re popping there, man.

Craig: Well, I’m doing 400 pounds. Hopefully you can’t see the weight set, right? Then tricep pulldowns for the back of your arms.

Hut: Perfect.

Craig: You can even utilize these little foot holders on the bottom to go in here and do tummy exercises.

Hut: There you go.

Craig: I like tummy exercises.

Hut: I know.

Craig: That’s why I try to stay away from you.

Hut: Plus cable rotations. There’s so many different movements you can do.

Craig: There are a lot of exercises on the gym.

Hut: Traditional movements, traditional compound movements, functional movements. It really depends on what your goals are. You can definitely make those choices.

Craig: I think the other key thing, too, just to note is with this—it just feels so good.

Hut: Yes, and looks good.

Craig: It does look good, too. By the way, speaking of looks good, I’m glad you brought that up. And I wasn’t talking about us. No, all jokes aside, you can actually pick the colors of these gyms, which is pretty cool. There’s silver, black, white, a taupe color and you’ve even got different color padding to choose from as well.

Hut: They used to not do that.

Craig: They do it now.

Hut: That is awesome.

Craig: This is black pad but if you wanted blue pads or red pads. We have a display in the store you can check out. It has a different stuff which is really cool.

Hut: That’s a nice touch.

Craig: That makes it a lot of fun. Vectra Fitness out of Seattle, Washington, handmade there. They’re amazing.

Hut: If you want to check out the Vectra, you can come to any of the Busy Body stories. A lot of them are open down in Preston here and Dallas.

Craig: You like Preston.

Hut: Yes.

Craig: I know. But they’re everywhere—Grapevine, Fort Worth, Lewisville.

Hut: Yes, the whole nine yards. Good stuff, man. I’m glad it’s the New Year and I’m looking forward to this year.

Craig: Me too. It’s going to be an awesome year. We love what we do, obviously. I know we’re not doctors but it still feels good to get people into the equipment and get people working out. I know you love it. Our job and I feel like our mission is to continue to get more people to drive to the stores. If we can help those people, it makes us feel good.

Hut: Absolutely. We do it every day.

Craig: I’m excited.

Hut: Good seeing you.

Craig: Thanks. Good to see you.