Plano Fitness Outlet Store

This month, Craig takes Hut on a tour of the new Fitness HQ – Busy Body Outlet Store in Plano. Check out these deals:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness, here with Craig Lewin of Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters.

Craig: Hola!

Hut: Actually we’re at a store that has Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters on the sign outside. What’s up with that?

Craig: Yeah, this is pretty exciting. This is our fitness outlet store in Plano off 75 between Spring Creek & Parker. It’s right next to Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s really cool. Near the end of year last year, we were driving down this highway and realized, We have got to get a store to get a lot of our used type of equipment, trade-ins, demo models…

So we were looking for a place where we could put all of this stuff. We were driving by, saw a “for lease” sign, we got pumped and here we are, a big, 5,000-square-foot store. It’s massive. Rent is expensive. Please come and shop.

Hut: There’s a ton of traffic, so that’s great.

Craig: It’s amazing, yeah, so I’m pretty pumped to show everybody around.

Hut: Let’s walk around the store and check it out. We’re not going to talk about a specific piece of equipment because there’s so much equipment here, and great deals.

Craig: Just to give you guys an idea of the flow of the store and invite you in to come and see us.

Hut: Let’s check it out.

Craig: So come on!

Hut: Anthony, our videographer today slash store manager.

Craig: If you look here, you’ve got all the treadmills lined up. There’s great deals. Let me give you a quick example. This is a Precor 931 treadmill. It was Consumer Reports number-one treadmill for a long time and you have it at $2,500. We sell those at $4,000 all the time. This is a demo that we took in on trade. We won’t take stuff in on trade unless it’s really, really good quality.

Hut: And it’s Precor, last year’s.

Craig: Really good brands. You’ve got Vision Fitness, Horizon, a lot of brands in here. What’s cool about this store is that we have a lot of used stuff and new stuff, so if you’re looking for new Life Fitness, Landice, we’ve got those type things. I mean, here’s a treadmill for $199.

Hut: What??

Craig: Just really, really basic. Somebody comes in, just for walking, I just want something that’s really easy to use. We’ve checked it out, made sure that it works and there you go. Here’s an incline trainer, a nice little, beefy incline trainer. The point is, these deals are all well, well, well discounted. We price this stuff to just blow out. We can’t stay on this stuff very long, so when we get it in, we want to turn it really fast.

Hut: Turn it quick, yeah. In and out, man. So you’ve got premium stuff you can get at a great price. Like you said, the low-level stuff that still works.

Craig: Yeah, we won’t put anything in here that doesn’t work. Look how big this store is. Anthony, just kind of pan over here so you can get a feel for how big the location is. It’s amazing, all the different stuff that we’ve got in here. You walk down here, you’re going to see AMT 100‘s, which are pretty popular for us. They’re regularly $8,900 down to $3,900. Really good deals. Here’s Cybex Arc Trainers. We sell these for $6,500 brand new; they’re used at $1,899.

Hut: You still see these in 24-Hour Fitnesses all over the place.

Craig: All the time. So a lot of deals. Here’s some of the older Precor stuff, some of the older Life Fitness products. Now obviously this is a regular store too, so you’re still going to have your regular accessories, dumbbells–everything that you would usually want from one of our specialty stores. But, again, if you’re looking for that used piece of equipment and you want something that’s discounted down and you don’t mind having something that, for the most part, doesn’t really have a warranty, then you come in here, we hook you up, and you get a pretty massive discount.

Hut: Right. Let’s keep on cruisin’, Anthony.

Craig: Keep on rollin’!

Hut: Hopefully it’s not too shaky. We’ll do our best…

Craig: No, Anthony’s hands are pretty solid. But here are some of the normal accessories, so you’ve got the bars and all that stuff. It’s really, really good. Here are a couple more examples of some really, really good deals that we’ve got on the floor. This is an Octane elliptical, a used one, great, great model. This would sell for $3,200 in a store; they’re selling it here for $1,300.

Hut: Wow.

Craig: Again, we always make sure to check this stuff out to make sure that everything is working, which is exciting. You can see in the middle, there’s a bunch of gyms. Here’s a great deal. This is actually one of the best deals that we have. This is called a Hoist PTS Ensemble 3.

Hut: We’ve done a video on that.

Craig: We’ve done a video, you guys have demoed this. This sells for $6,600. This machine is in pristine condition. The client had to move so we took it off of his hands and it’s selling for $4,500. I mean, I’m talking, literally it looks brand new. It looks better than anything that’s on our floor right now, and that $4,500 price, which is $2,000 off the regular price, includes everything–bench, leg extensions.

Hut: It’s brand new.

Craig: So these are some really, really, really, really good deals. I want to give you one more, which is exciting. I get all pumped up as we’re going all over the store. You go look at something like this. Power Plates are really popular for us, the vibration trainers. We’ve done the videos on Power Plates. Here’s a pre-owned Power Plate My7. This customer actually upgraded to a Pro model. It’s $4,499. We sell at least two of these a week at Dallas for $8,000. Really exciting, and I’ll tell you, these deals turn fast.

Hut: So you’ve got to jump in here.

Craig: You want to jump on it as quickly as possible. We don’t even have the ability to update our inventory online with the used stuff because it turns so quickly. So you just want to come in, check it out and come play with Anthony.

Hut: Yeah, Anthony will take care of you. Obviously he has steady hands, so that’s good.

Craig: He’s been amazing.

Hut: Well, that’s great. So we are in Plano off of 75…

Craig: Off 75 between Spring Creek & Parker. It’s on the West side of the highway, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hut: We’ll leave the address. [See map below.]

Craig: Fitness Outlet.Have a look at that sign, Anthony. Maybe we’ll leave with that. We beat all competitor pricing, we match all online pricing, which is huge. We offer sales tax refunds, 0% financing, in-home personal trainers…I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Hut: It doesn’t get much better than that, absolutely. Obviously there’s a ton of equipment you can come and check out. We didn’t highlight too many specific pieces of equipment but there’s a lot of stuff here.11_Nov_2015_Equipment_craig-hut-02 If you want to come check it out, come on; we’ll leave the information at the end of this video. And we look forward to our next fitness equipment video next month.

Craig: Keep following us, we’ll see where we go.

Hut: All right, buddy. Thanks, man.

Craig: Thanks, Hut.

Hut: Good seeing you.