Octane Zero Runner

Octane has a new “baby,” according to Craig Lewin of Busy Body stores in North Texas. It’s called the Zero Runner.

Just by the name, what do you think it’s all about?

Think about it, then see if you’re right after watching Craig & Hut’s video review:



Enjoy this bonus content, an excerpt from an article at ZeroRunner.com:

Larry Schmidt – “Running with Zero Impact”

11 Nov 2014 Equipment Larry SchmidtFueled by talent and a love of competition, Larry Schmidt is in his 45th year as an endurance athlete and runner. Today, running is no longer just a sport – but a way of life, a social network and a family addiction.

To date, he has completed the Boston Marathon five times. Larry took on his first Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisc. in 2004. In 2006, he competed in and finished the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, and has finished a total of six Ironman competitions.

Unfortunately, Larry developed osteoarthritis in his right hip, and while he pushed through the pain for several years, in 2008, he had hip resurfacing surgery, and, as he says, “I went from being a competitive finisher to being one who on occasion was the last runner across the finish line.” But that hasn’t stopped him, and he still races regularly.

Larry first tried the Zero Runner at the Boston Marathon Expo in April 2014, where he was able to run pain free for 30 minutes on the machine. He now uses the Zero Runner in his home to train for races and continue his endurance-athlete lifestyle.

His longest run on the Zero Runner is 5-1/2 hours covering 33 miles with no pain in his surgically repaired hip.

One lesson Larry says he has learned over his long racing career is that it is critical to cross-train more to help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance. The Zero Runner is now an important part of his cross-training regimen.

Hut:  This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness here with Craig Lewin from Busy Body and Fitness Headquarters. It’s cold, man.

Craig:  It is cold, but this is amazing. I love it when it starts to get colder like this. The stores, obviously, get super busy, which is fun because everybody wants to be inside. We’re going to be seeing all of you guys really soon.

Hut:  Especially if you see this piece of equipment.

Craig:  This thing is awesome.

Hut:  So, speaking of that, what about this new Octane cardio equipment?

Craig: Do you know what’s exciting? I think about the industry that we’re in and I love the fact that you’ve got manufacturers like Octane thinking outside the box, doing things that are so futuristic that as salespeople, we could never come up with these brilliant ideas.

Their engineering minds just come out with these machines that are incredible. This is Octane’s new baby and it’s amazing. It is literally the very first machine we have ever had that completely simulates a real walk, jog, and a run with zero impact.

Hut:  Wow. People have been waiting for that for a long time.

Craig:  They have because do you know what happens is, clients will come in who want to run, but their knees are really shot or potentially, they have hip issues. Even though they really want to get a treadmill, they can’t.

What they end up doing is they end up getting an elliptical, which is still a great workout, but for anybody who is a true runner, it’s just not the same thing. You’re all going to freak out while I’m running here and come get on the machine.

What’s cool about this machine is if I just sort of bend my leg here, it looks like it’s just attached to my knee, which is amazing. It’s like a robotic thing. But as I start to go through this rotation, check this out. Look how easy this is. I can do a little jog if I want to. I can run it out. Look at this.

Look how long my stride is. This is literally me just running into the sunset in Africa. It’s like I’m chasing a cheetah. I mean, the motion of this is something we’ve never seen before.

Here’s the key with what Octane did is, if you notice how deep the step is going and how I’m able to kick up my heel on the back just like you would when you run, the glute and hamstring activation you get on this machine is huge.

When we run on a treadmill, we usually feel it more on our quads, so that’s what makes this machine so unique is you really feel it in your glutes and your hamstrings.

Here’s the big thing I’ve got to tell you guys, I had meniscus surgery in January. I got on one of these machines about two months after my surgery. It was the only machine I could get on that literally had zero effect whatsoever on any sort of pain in my knee.

I was able to run. I love running, so it was a huge thing for me to be able to get on a machine where I could run. I can run! I had no pain whatsoever.

Hut:  That is great. For those that are training for marathons and they want to stay away from some of that impact but still do that same running motion, this would be a great machine for them.

Craig:  I think you hit the nail on the head. A lot of people who do the marathons, and they do a lot of the training, training outside just every single day really beats up your body.

Hut:  Especially a day like this when it’s really cold.

Craig:  Yeah, it’s freezing cold outside. It’s really hard on you. So, they can bring it inside, train on a machine just like this, and simulate that exact running motion, which is really cool. We’re excited about it.

The other thing Octane did, they do this with all their machines now, they really want to incorporate strength training at the same time, so the panel that they have built in will literally tell you when to do strength training and when to do the cardio part.

So if you guys notice here, I’ve got these stretch tubes built in and there’s anchor points on the machine down here, here—all different angles—the front, the bottom front and I can literally come in here and I can say, “Okay, I’m going to do some bicep curls when I’m doing it, or I’m going to get in here and I’m going to do a row.”

Hut:  You can do the interval cross training, do some sprints. That’s awesome.

Craig:  Use the arms; don’t use the arms—whatever you want to do. It’s really simple.

Hut:  So you can run without the arms?

Craig:  You can run without the arms as well.

Hut:  There you go. I see you.

Craig:  I’m pretty good. I love working on it. The other cool thing is there’s no plugs. All it is, is a little battery-operated power in here. This is all just easy, easy, easy and there’s no generators or anything.

Hut:  It’s easy to move, like when we just moved it here a second ago for this video, I mean, it took one person.

Craig:  You’ve got wheels on the front and you just roll it around, which makes it really easy. It takes up less space than a treadmill or an elliptical as well, so that’s the other cool thing, so the footprint is smaller.

It’s just always exciting when somebody comes out with something that’s so, so innovative and Octane’s done that. It’s a cool machine.

Hut:  Great. Anything specific on the console?

Craig: I’ll just say that on the console, they’ve really done a good job incorporating cross circuit training, like we talked about. But what’s really cool about this machine, in about a couple of weeks they’ll have this activated. You’ll be able to put your iPad on it.

You just download their Octane Fitness app that they have and that app will actually—you open it up and it will actually tell you and show you videos of what to do. So, when it tells you to get off the machine and do the curls, the rows or whatever, it’s going to show you a video of exactly what to do.

Hut:  So it’s just like the new Octane machines.

Craig: Yeah, just like their regular ellipticals, it’s going to have that exact same technology now, which is really, really genius. They know what they’re doing, obviously. We are selling a ton of these machines. They’re priced out reasonably well, too. They’re $3,295, so they’re priced out really well.

Hut: That’s not bad at all.

Craig:  I said reasonably; I really meant amazing, and they are. They’re flying off the shelf. We’re loving having it. You guys need to come in the stores. We have them in all the Busy Body stores. It’s called an Octane Zero Runner.

Hut:  Zero Runner, got it.

Craig:  Octane Zero Runner and the model is called a ZR7, so Zero Runner Seven.

Hut:  Perfect. That’s the Octane Zero Runner. If you want to come and get on this machine, especially during this cold weather, come on out to any of the Busy Body locations. None of the Fitness Headquarters will have them.

Craig:  None of the Fitness HQ, just the Busy Body.

Hut: So look it up online—Busy Body. We’ll have it at the end of this video. Go check it out. It’s a pretty amazing machine. I’m looking forward to doing some training on it.

Craig:  It’s going to be awesome.

Hut:  Good to see you, brother.

Craig: Good to see you, too.

Hut:  All right, Buddy. Stay out of trouble.

Craig:  All right.