New Wave Fitness in Irving, TX

Irving, TX – Not everyone hires a personal trainer just to lose weight. Heather noticed changes in her body as she entered her 30s. She wanted to get her youthful curves back, tighten and tone. Heather also wanted to be able to participate in activities like kayaking so she was focusing also on upper-body strength.

Her diet wasn’t what she wanted it to be either, so along with a workout program, her personal trainer from New Wave Fitness also coached Heather on proper nutrition and supplementation.

Heather now says, after following the program her personal trainer set out for her, that if she happens to go to a gym without a personal trainer, she knows what to do, where she didn’t before. She has a solid workout routine.

“It’s really important to start taking care of yourself.”

Heather says, “I definitely enjoy working out more than I did before. I have a better understanding of what to do when I go to the gym and I’m not with a personal trainer.

“I’m more conscious about what I eat, how much I eat. I have a better understanding of how protein helps build muscle and how carbohydrates give you energy and all that good stuff.

“The human body is the greatest machine any of us will ever own so it’s really important to start taking care of yourself. Investing a little bit of money and a little bit of time, the results will definitely pay off.”


New Wave Fitness in Irving, TX

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