May 2014 Fitness Success Story – Jay

Jay: I’m Jay Young, originally from Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Hut: And where do you live now?

Jay: Dallas, Texas. I wasn’t as motivated, where I needed somebody to help me, come over and make sure that I worked out, because if not it’s easy to put it off and I wouldn’t work out. I’d work out a couple times a month maybe, because I felt guilty, but it wasn’t because I wanted to. Now it’s different because now I work out and I want to work out, and I’m ready for John to come over so we can work out together.

Hut: So you found before you started working with us, you lacked consistency?

Jay: Exactly.

Hut: Before you worked with us, what all did you try to do to get in shape from a fitness standpoint?

Jay: I would work out at the gym before. I had another trainer that I worked with but we never could correlate our times together, so it really helps with John’s schedule andĀ  my schedule – we work out something that’s good for both of us. I’ve always kind of worked out but it’s been difficult.

Hut: Let’s talk about the results you’ve achieved. You’ve been working with us for a year plus. What type of results have you achieved?

Jay: I know that I hadn’t worked out as much as I needed to because I thought, I can do all my cardio, and my diet isn’t there, but that’s my fault. It’s not the weight workout – the weight workout has been there, it’s been consistent, and I’ve enjoyed it.

Hut: Do you feel like you’ve improved strength since you’ve worked with us?

Jay: Absolutely. I don’t know exactly what I have achieved. I didn’t bench press before and bench press today to see exactly what the improvement’s been, but I feel better about myself and I like it.

Hut: How about muscle – do you feel like that’s improved?

Jay: Absolutely. A lot of good exercises that we’ve put in to the program that is not just concentrating on one or two; it’s from your neck to your shoulders to your back to everything.

Hut: Has your flexibility improved since you’ve worked with us?

Jay: Yes, it has.

Hut: What have you noticed as a result of improved flexibility?

Jay: I feel better about myself and I can also move around better and I like the flexibility. The older you get (I’m over 50) you want to be able to stretch more and not feel so tight. Before I felt tight and now I don’t feel as tight because I can stretch and the things that John has helped me with I know I can use on my own or also when he gets here, we can do it.

Hut: Obviously fitness has always been part of your life but with the improved strength, improved flexibility, and just overall consistency, what is life like now as a result of creating that consistency?

Jay: I just feel better about myself. It’s not like I’m afraid to wear a t-shirt or something, but it feels better to wear a t-shirt and not hide your muscles, or I can wear tighter shirts or wear something that’s not as baggy, and feel good about it.

Hut: Just seeing the overall change, you’ve put on a lot of muscle, which is great. What would you say to someone that may be on the fence about seeking help from a professional for their health and fitness?

Jay: I would try it. Why wouldn’t you? What do you have to lose? I know it’s a little bit of money, but if you’re looking for improvement, it’s hard to work out on your own; people have all tried that. The program is great because as Hut told me from the very beginning, “If you trust me, we’ll make this work for you.” John is here every night I need him to or whatever time we work together, 2 or 3 times a week. If I want more, he’ll give me more, and it always works. There’s no question, they need to do it.

Hut: That brings up another question. You’ve always worked out at gyms. Having somebody come to your home–how much more beneficial is that than going to the gym?

Jay: It’s huge because I normally leave the office at 5:30, 5:45. If I get home early I can do my 30-40 minute cardio before John gets here, but if not I can work out at 6:15. I work out for an hour, at 7:15 I’m eating dinner. I walk downstairs and I’m eating dinner instead of having to get dressed, not dressed, drive in the car, do whatever.

Hut: Being here after you work out, how does that benefit you with your family?

Jay: Family is important. I don’t want to spend time away and I want to be here. So I get here and I can play with the kids before I work out. I can work out for an hour and I can play with themĀ  afterwards. They even come in here and John knows every one of my kids and has played with all of them so they can intermingle, if you will. Not that we want them to all the time, but we don’t mind it. It just helps being here.72-jay

Hut: Family is key. Seeing you work out is also something that probably means a lot to you because you’re setting the example.

Jay: Right, exactly. Yes, I like that. That’s good.

Hut: We greatly appreciate your story. It’s guys like you that inspire people, especially our other clients, and keep doing it because you’re doing it right.

Jay: Thank you.