Lab-Based Nutrition Case Study: Lucy M.

Lucy had hit a plateau in her weight-loss journey. She wanted to lose more body fat and keep getting fit!

So she decided to try Lab-Based Nutrition. See what Lucy’s results were just from taking a simple blood test:


Hut: This is Hut Allred from New Wave Fitness and I’m here with Lucy Moore, one of our clients that is currently going through our Lab-Based Nutrition program and having wonderful success.

Lucy: Before New Wave Fitness, I would basically just go off onto little binges, as you would say. So I’d be good for maybe a week or a month or whatever, and then just go, “Eh, I don’t care!”

Then whenever I ran into you and I was weighed for the first time, I was like, “Uhhhhh! Wow.” That freaked me out. So I was looking for options and that’s when I found you.

I had low energy and I didn’t like the way that I looked, so I was seeking out help and I found Hut’s program, New Wave Fitness, got a lot of results; however I started to plateau and then nothing was changing, period.

I was really stressed, you know, because I felt like I was doing all the right things, staying away from the foods that I needed to stay away from. And I was going, “Why am I weighing the same?”

It’s like, Okay, well, let’s just go ahead and give it another week and see if it changes. It wasn’t changing enough. It wasn’t doing its job. So I was frustrated and that’s when I talked to you, going, “Help!? I’ll try anything, just help me.”

I wanted strength, I wanted to lose weight and I wanted energy because I couldn’t keep up with all the stuff that I was required to do.

Hut: Let’s talk about that a little bit. We can tell everybody, what do you do? What’s the business that you are involved with?

Lucy: I am the owner of Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano.

Hut: This is kind of the perfect time because this is October so if you want to go to a haunted house…

Lucy: Yes, it’s awesome. Please come!

Hut: So all those things, you’re seeking the help. Energy wasn’t there, strength wasn’t there, flexibility, all those things that you needed to be able to handle your career and your job, correct?

Lucy: Right.

Hut: When you started with us, we were at 255 and we implemented our program. We were able to get down to 216 but we were stuck. We followed all the rules, made all the adjustments we could make, but we still couldn’t break through that plateau.

When I read through MY Lab-Based Nutrition program, I looked at my stuff and I went, “Oh, wow.” And again, that’s stuff that you just don’t know unless you get inside and you figure out what markers are causing some of the symptoms and the problems that we have.

Lucy: Yes, you basically guess but that’s all you really do until you get the results of your blood work.

Hut: Exactly, and the right type of blood work, which is very important.

Lucy: I was a little skeptical, but I was just like, I’ll try anything. I’ve already given up so much and I was used to that. But it was like, ‘Okay, I’ve already given up everything possible. Go ahead. Please. I’ll try it.’

Hut: So as a result of going through Lab-Based Nutrition, having a meal plan, a supplement plan, specifically designed for your physiology, we have, in less than 12 weeks, gone from 216 pounds, we just weighed in at 177. You’re averaging a 3-pound weight loss per week, which is awesome.

Lucy: Yes.

Hut: You are no longer a nighttime snacker. You don’t have those cravings in the evening. Your hard training, which is the training that we are incorporating—you’re finally getting results from that. The body-composition results, the energy, the flexibility and the strength that we want.

You’re now drinking enough water on a daily basis, which has improved your health. We have confirmed the foods you shouldn’t be eating, so the question about what foods you were sensitive to, we’ve been able to answer that.

That includes all protein shakes that we were implementing on our meal plan you were highly sensitive to.

Lucy: Correct.

Hut: I think that’s a good thing for everybody to know. They may be taking healthy stuff, protein shakes, anything that you think is healthy, which is causing sensitivity, causing inflammation. But you don’t know that unless you do the blood work. You got it.

We have restored the vitamins that were being depleted by your many medications. You now know what to eat late at night to stay on track when your work gets crazy. So when you’re out there working, you know how to stay on track.

Rather than going hours and hours without eating, you know exactly what to eat to keep you getting results, which is awesome. You are no longer overtrained, so your central nervous system isn’t under stress, and you are now reaping the rewards of the workouts that we’re able to implement.

You have improved your fatty acid balance in your body, you have improved your energy, and you have lowered your blood pressure so it’s now back into the normal range. And that’s just a few of the benefits, what’s happening since we’ve incorporated Lab-Based Nutrition.

Some of the things that we have unconfirmed until we do the next blood test, is a full restoration of your magnesium, vitamin D3 and beta-carotene status. We’re pretty sure that’s all where it needs to be.

Drastic decrease in all inflammation markers alongside an increase in all notable health markers. And then of course a drastic decrease in bacterial presence in the GI tract, alongside improvement in detoxification ability.

So your system is now working at an optimal level. That’s why we’re getting the results that we’re getting.

Lucy: It’s life-changing. And I was either all or nothing. Now I’m all in and I’m ready to advance to that next level and see how far I can go. Even the allergist will check for, ‘Okay, well, it looks like you don’t have any allergies to this, or okay, you’re allergic to pollen or to cats or dogs.’

But there’s nothing that I’ve seen until y’all, what specific foods I should be eating. What I should be staying away from. And that’s something that the urine test basically showed, what I’m allergic to.

Hut: We’re not just getting this world-class information; we’re building out a world-class program that will change your life forever.

Lucy: Right. I’m getting a lot of compliments. I’m able to do a lot of things that I need to do. And it feels good. I’m constantly always having to go, ‘Okay, I can’t fit into these pants anymore so let’s go and graduate to the next lower level.’

Hut: I think that’s the other thing, one of the results that you’ve had. You’ve had to change your whole wardrobe in 12 weeks.

Lucy: Oh yeah.

Hut: In 12 weeks, you’re constantly changing wardrobe. I want everybody to understand, I’m out here doing this case study now because she was the first one to go through our Lab-Based Nutrition program.

We’ve got somebody else going through it right now, but I wanted to come document this now and let everybody see what type of results we’re getting in such a short period of time. But ultimately, we’re not done.

I’m going to be back out here in the next few months and we’re going to be close to our final objective, which is going to be 130-140. And we’re going to go get it, because we know how to do it now.

Lucy: Yes.

Hut: We’re going to continue working with Lucy. I’m going to be out here documenting the next stage of her success and sharing it with you in the near future. We truly appreciate your commitment, and we really, truly appreciate you being the beginning of this program, because we are going to change people’s lives.

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